A sketch of modern France

title page

  • Author: Beaumont, Louise Elisa, 1751-1818, attributed name.
  • Title:A sketch of modern France : in a series of letters to a lady of fashion : written in the years 1796 and 1797, during a tour through France / by a Lady ; edited by C.L. Moody, LL.D. F.A.S.
  • Publication:London : Printed for T. Cadell jun. and W. Davies in the Strand, 1798.

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82 798Sk

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A gazetteer of France

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  • Author: Planta, Edward, author.
  • Title: A gazetteer of France : containing a geographical description of the cities, towns, villages, rivers, mountains, & c within the French empire : with an account of the soil, produce, manufactures … : and a correct map to which is added a geographical account of the Island of Elba / by Edward Planta.
  • Publication: London : Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18 Strand, MDCCCXIV [1814]
  • Manufacture: [London] : (Clowes, printer, Northumberland-Court, Strand).

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82 814Pl v.1

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The post-roads in France

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  • Author: France. Administration des postes.
  • Title: The post-roads in France : with the routes which conduct to the principal cities in Europe / being a translation of the État général des postes. For 1815. Published by authority.
  • Publication: London : Printed by Samuel Leigh, No. 18 Strand; by Shulze and Dean, 13, Poland Street, MDCCCXV [1815]

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82 814Pl v.2

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Journal of a tour through France and Italy

page from journalHolograph diary of the author’s trip to France and Italy in a single hand describing the author’s Grand Tour two years after the end of the Napoleonic Wars : The hallmarks of a half pay British officer in the midst of a rather hopeless feeling peace. Clearly an admirer of classical architecture, he makes careful note of remaining classical elements in towns like Avignon and Lyon (“The town of Lyon is by no means handsome. The houses are much crowded and the streets narrow, and dirtier if possible than those of Paris”), and appears very much more affectionate towards what was there, rather than what is. He is nevertheless much struck by the wonders of Florence as he travels towards what his conspicuous classical education clearly regards as the ultimate destination: the city of Rome. In a rather pleasing exhibition of mingled scholarship and military professionalism, he spends a lot of time discussing the historical strategic qualities and shortfalls of many of his stopping points. The journal is erudite, vigorous and detailed.

  • Title: Journal of a tour through France and Italy / by an officer stationed with Wellington’s Army of Occupation at St. Pol, Pas de Calais : manuscript.
  • Production: France and Italy, 1817.

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LWL Mss Vol. 251

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James Lucas’s tour to Paris in 1816

handwritten title pageHolograph diary transcribed by Charles Lucas from memorandum written by his cousin James Lucas during a tour to France in 1816.

  • Author: Lucas, James.
  • Title: James Lucas’s tour to Paris in 1816 : manuscript.
  • Production: France, 1816.

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LWL Mss Vol. 249

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The grand tour

Vol 1 -Traveller’s guide through the Netherlands — Vol 2- Traveller’s guide through Germany — Vol. 3 – Traveller’s guide through Italy — Vol. 4 – Traveller’s guide through France.

  • Author: Nugent, Thomas, 1700?-1772.
  • Title: The grand tour : containing an exact description of most of the cities, towns, and remarkable places of Europe, together with a distinct account of the post-roads and stages, with their respective distances through Holland, Flanders … likewise directions relating to the manner and expence of travelling … : as also, occasional remarks on the present state of trade … / by Mr. Nugent. In four volumes.
  • Publication: London : Printed for S. Birt, in Ave-Mary-Lane; D. Browne, without Temple-Bar; ; A. Millar, in the Strand; and G. Hawkins in Fleetstreet, MDCCXLIX [1749]

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Frances Brooke journal of a trip to Paris

Frances Brooke journal. Detailed description below

Firsthand account of the journey of Frances, the Parkers, and “Emily” (possibly a sister) as they set out from somewhere in Derbyshire (their post halts are Hilton, Buxton and Bakewell on the early part of the journey) on their way to Paris, via Dieppe and Rouen. Frances is clearly a wealthy and educated young woman, and the account is lively and observant, taking place as it does in a France that only a few years before was a land of war, enemies and an occupying army under Wellington: “The Bois [du Boulogne] consists now of low shrubs, as the Allies cut down all the trees, when they were in Paris, for fire wood … Dined at Very’s and went to the Tivoli – A fete. A man ascended in a Balloon, and tho’ he seemed to engage every one’s attention and interest, he was not thought of, two minutes after he was out of sight. – The Gardens were beautifully illuminated with colossal lamps. Walked home through some streets we had not been in before and were much stared at … I believe it was Harriet’s pretty figure & our Silk Gowns that attracted attention…” The valiant though ignored aeronaut in question, a quick glance at Galignani’s Messenger will show, was none other than M. Margat (who seems to have stepped into the gap caused by the death of Madame Blanchard a year earlier … and who bears the distinction of being one of the few aeronaut’s of the period who was expressly requested to take part in a war as a balloonist, ending up in Algiers in 1830 having nearly set a French navy ship on fire, and earning a medal for making a balloon ascent under heavy fire). Paris seems to have been replete with aeronauts at the time, there is another balloon ascent a day or so later in the Tuilleries. There are encounters with Royalty, visits to the Louvre and Notre Dame, numerous observations on the general superiority of England in all things (“All the prettiest women were English”), a keen eye is leveled at the dress, behaviour and conduct of the ladies of Paris, both for good and ill, plays, tableaux vivant and sundry entertainments are sampled and all is chronicled with agility and attention to detail. A two month excursion into a Georgette Heyer novel.

  • Author: Brooke, Frances.
  • Title: Frances Brooke journal of a trip to Paris, June and July 1821 : manuscript.
  • Production: France, 1821 June-July.

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LWL Mss Vol. 246

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Tablettes de la reine d’Angleterre

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  • Author: Caroline, Queen, consort of George IV, King of Great Britain, 1768-1821, associated name.
  • Title: Tablettes de la reine d’Angleterre, òu se trouvent inscrits jour par jour : par l’ordre de S.M., les événemens les plus remarquables de son voyage en Sicile, en Grèce, en Barbarie et à la Terre-Sainte, précédées: 1 ̊D’un résumé de débats sur le bill des peines et amendes; 2 ̊D’une notice historique sur le baron Pergami, rédigée par lui-même; 3 ̊De la première partie de la correspondance de ce chambellan, depuis son entrée au service de la princesse de Galles jusqu’au 25 novembre 1815, et suivies de la seconde partie de cette correspondance, depuis le 20 septembre 1816 jusqu’au 10 juin 1820 / traduites de l’italien sur les manuscrits autographes de la reine d’Angleterre, par A.T. Desquiron de St. Agnan … Ornées de portraits.
  • Publication: Paris : Alexis Eymery, Libraire, éditeur du choix de rapports, etc. ; rue Mazarine, No. 30, 1821.

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Britons to arms!

Britons to arms broadside

  • Title: Britons to arms! : among the various threats used by the tyrannical and insidious enemy, who is attempting our destruction and overthrow, the plunder of our country! is held out as the reward to the armies which are to invade us, …. But we dare to conquer!.
  • Publication: London : Printed for J. Hatchard, No. 190, Piccadilly, [1803]
  • Manufacture: [London] : J. Brettell, printer

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Call no.File 63 803 B862+

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