The peddigree of Corporal Violet

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“The base of the design is a dunghill from which rises the head of Napoleon as a young republican officer, not caricatured. His head is covered by a large cup-shaped fungus, decorated with a tricolour cockade and resembling a Cap of Liberty; from its apex ascends a curving stalk, terminating in the large yellow rosette of a sunflower, centred by the head of Napoleon as Emperor, larger than that of the base, and representing an older man; like the lower one it is directed slightly to the right. Below it, leaves project from the stalk, balancing the design. On Napoleon’s head is an arrangement of stamens in the form of an imperial crown. These unite to form the long scraggy neck of the third Napoleon, a head in profile to the right, emaciated and desperate. On this head is a larger fungus than that below, projecting like an enormous hat. From it ascend the stems of a bunch of violets, copied from No. 12511, but with the addition of more flowers, and on a larger scale. It contains the profiles of Napoleon, Marie Louise, and the King of Rome, arranged exactly as in British Museum Satires No. 12511. Smaller fungi sprout from the dunghill, some flat and some conical, like caps of Liberty; on the latter tricolour cockades are indicated. Four little figures are on a slope (left) leading towards the dunghill, prepared to clear it away. In front are Blücher and Wellington, running forward, and talking to each other; one holds a spade, the other a broad hoe. Behind them is the Tsar, shouldering a pickaxe. Behind again stands Louis XVIII, with splayed gouty legs, supported on a crutch. He waves his hat to cheer them on.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Cruikshank, George, 1780-1842, printmaker.
  • Title: The peddigree of Corporal Violet [graphic] / etchd. by G. Cruikk. ; G.H. invt. et del.
  • Publication: [London] : Pubd. by H. Humphrey June 9th, 1815 – No. 27 St. James’s St., [9 June 1815]

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Acquired April 2023

A new deceptio visûs

lwlpr32193 (849x1024)

A medley of images with a portrait of John Gay; half length, to the right, wearing a cap and plain jacket; in oval; in a medley of prints, set on background of a letter; the prints titled ‘The Spell’, ‘The Judgement’, and ‘Bumkinet’s Advice’; two further panels, one with a coin of George II, the other lettered ‘A new Deceptio Visus. Engrav’d and sold by Geo. Bickham, in London’ [part of address erased].

  • PrintmakerBickham, George, 1684?-1758?, printmaker, publisher.
  • TitleA new deceptio visûs [graphic] / engrav’d and sold by Geo. Bickham in Hatton Garden, near Holborn, London.
  • Published[London : Geo. Bickham], ca. 1728]

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Acquired December 2014