Margaret Emma Caldwell diaries

manuscript notebook

Two diaries kept by Margaret Emma Caldwell, beginning at the age of 20, in which she records the books she read, contemporary events including the war wtih Napoleon, her social life, opinions and emotions, the people she encountered, and the historic events she lived through in the second decade of the nineteenth century.

  • Author: Caldwell, Margaret Emma, 1792-1830.
  • Title: Margaret Emma Caldwell diaries : manuscript.
  • Production: England, 1812-1820.

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LWL Mss vol. 268

Sir Henry Holland papers, 1805-1868

handwritten text

Eight manuscript volumes: Essays on various subjects written at Univesity while at Glasgow, 1805-1806; copies of letters from Portugal 1812; Journal in Spain 1813; Journal in Lombardy, Austria, Prussia 1815; Sketchbook 1815; Journal in the north of Italy and France 1816; Journal to Spain1818; Diary 1830-1843. Also with two copies of Holland’s publication, General view of the agriculture of Cheshire (1808) and two issues of his Recollections of past life (1868).

  • Author: Holland, Henry, Sir, 1788-1873, author.
  • Title: Sir Henry Holland papers, 1805-1868 (bulk 1812-1843).

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Acquired September 2021

John Tregerthen Short copy of a diary

description below

Possibly the only surviving manuscript copy of the diaries of John Tregerthen Short of St. Ives, describing the adverse fortunes, hardships, and privations he suffered for ten years as a prisoner of war in Napoleonic France. Short’s complete diaries, which span from 1804 to1872, were rediscovered in the early 1900s by Sir Edward Hain who later published an edited version as Prisoners of War in France from 1804-1814, being the Adventures of John Tregerthen Short and Thomas Williams (London, Duckworth, 1914). However, the present manuscript, most likely a fair copy of the original diary (now lost) executed by Short in later life, consists not only of Short’s daily entries, but also of copies of letters and documents, songs and poems based on his adventures, and a list of three hundred fellow prisoners of war who died in captivity, recording their name, position, ship, commanding officer, date of decease, and hometown, none of which were included in the printed book.

  • Author: Short, John Tregerthen, 1785?-1873.
  • Title: John Tregerthen Short copy of a diary kept while a prisoner of war in France, 1804-1814 : manuscript.
  • Production: St. Ives (Cornwall), England, 1868?

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LWL Mss Vol. 256

Acquired June 2020

Edward Burton journal and commonplace book of agricultural notes

manuscript notebookA journal kept by the farmer Edward Burton in which he records business matters along with accounts of local events around the Leicestershire villages of Hemington and Castle Donington. He records crops sold, laborers’ expenses paid, and the days on which neighbors began their respective harvests. Burton also used the volume as a commonplace book, including notes on remedies, proverbs from printed sources, and lists of authors and scientists, much of the information derived from almanacs of the day.
Laid in the front pocket of the binding were, eight receipts for purchases, all dated 187-, 1871 or 1872, made out to later members of the Burton family, Thomas and Arthur Burton and Burton Creswell. Now housed separately with the volume.


  • Author: Burton, Edward.
  • Title: Edward Burton journal and commonplace book of agricultural notes : manuscript.
  • Production: Leicestershire, England, circa 1771-1798.

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LWL Mss Vol. 259

Acquired November 2020

A short account of my travels from Riga through Germany, Italy etc…

hand written title page

A journal that details John Thornton’s Grand Tour, which began in Riga and took him through Prussia, Italy, and back to England through France, Flanders, and the Netherlands.


  • Author: Thornton, John, 1720-1790.
  • Title: A short account of my travels from Riga through Germany, Italy etc. to England : with what is curious to be seen at each place, begun at Riga the 26th July 1742 N.S. or O.S. the 15th July 1742, with also the tour of England, Scotland and Ireland : manuscript / the whole finished this by John Thornton.
  • Production: London, circa 1742.

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LWL Mss Vol. 258

Acquired November 2020

Journal of a tour in the year 1745

description below

An anonymous journal of a tour that begins on May 14th in Warrington, Lancashire and passes through Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincoln, Leicester, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Northampton, Buckingham, Oxon, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucester, Worcester, Staffs, Salop and Cheshire, finishing on July 5th in Chester — a total of 703 miles.


  • Title: Journal of a tour in the year 1745 : manuscript.
  • Production: Liverpool?, England, circa 1745.

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LWL Mss Vol. 257

Acquired February 2020

Journal of a tour through France and Italy

page from journalHolograph diary of the author’s trip to France and Italy in a single hand describing the author’s Grand Tour two years after the end of the Napoleonic Wars : The hallmarks of a half pay British officer in the midst of a rather hopeless feeling peace. Clearly an admirer of classical architecture, he makes careful note of remaining classical elements in towns like Avignon and Lyon (“The town of Lyon is by no means handsome. The houses are much crowded and the streets narrow, and dirtier if possible than those of Paris”), and appears very much more affectionate towards what was there, rather than what is. He is nevertheless much struck by the wonders of Florence as he travels towards what his conspicuous classical education clearly regards as the ultimate destination: the city of Rome. In a rather pleasing exhibition of mingled scholarship and military professionalism, he spends a lot of time discussing the historical strategic qualities and shortfalls of many of his stopping points. The journal is erudite, vigorous and detailed.

  • Title: Journal of a tour through France and Italy / by an officer stationed with Wellington’s Army of Occupation at St. Pol, Pas de Calais : manuscript.
  • Production: France and Italy, 1817.

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LWL Mss Vol. 251

Acquired October 2019

James Lucas’s tour to Paris in 1816

handwritten title pageHolograph diary transcribed by Charles Lucas from memorandum written by his cousin James Lucas during a tour to France in 1816.

  • Author: Lucas, James.
  • Title: James Lucas’s tour to Paris in 1816 : manuscript.
  • Production: France, 1816.

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LWL Mss Vol. 249

Acquired October 2019


Tabular details of a journey from Geneva to Florence

see description below

An account detailing posts and times for each section of the journey, with notes on inns, conditions of roads, places of note and numerous personal observations; quality of gardens, vegetations and art, the prevalence of goitres in one particular area, the need to obtain the correct paperwork to avoid one’s baggage being rummaged through, and the need to have luggage “plumbed” upon departure from Florence. Clearly written in the hand of Thomas Martyn, this particular tour can be found mentioned in Martyn’s entry in DNB: starting in 1778 he was accompanying his young charge, Edward Hartopp, on his two year continental tour, part of which was later published and made it into his “Gentleman’s Guide in his Tour Through Italy” in 1787 and “Sketch of a Tour Through Switzerland” of the same year.

  • Author: Martyn, Thomas, 1735-1825.
  • Title: Tabular details of a journey from Geneva to Florence : manuscript.
  • Production: Switzerland and Italy, 1779.

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LWL Mss File 149

Acquired April 2019

Frances Brooke journal of a trip to Paris

Frances Brooke journal. Detailed description below

Firsthand account of the journey of Frances, the Parkers, and “Emily” (possibly a sister) as they set out from somewhere in Derbyshire (their post halts are Hilton, Buxton and Bakewell on the early part of the journey) on their way to Paris, via Dieppe and Rouen. Frances is clearly a wealthy and educated young woman, and the account is lively and observant, taking place as it does in a France that only a few years before was a land of war, enemies and an occupying army under Wellington: “The Bois [du Boulogne] consists now of low shrubs, as the Allies cut down all the trees, when they were in Paris, for fire wood … Dined at Very’s and went to the Tivoli – A fete. A man ascended in a Balloon, and tho’ he seemed to engage every one’s attention and interest, he was not thought of, two minutes after he was out of sight. – The Gardens were beautifully illuminated with colossal lamps. Walked home through some streets we had not been in before and were much stared at … I believe it was Harriet’s pretty figure & our Silk Gowns that attracted attention…” The valiant though ignored aeronaut in question, a quick glance at Galignani’s Messenger will show, was none other than M. Margat (who seems to have stepped into the gap caused by the death of Madame Blanchard a year earlier … and who bears the distinction of being one of the few aeronaut’s of the period who was expressly requested to take part in a war as a balloonist, ending up in Algiers in 1830 having nearly set a French navy ship on fire, and earning a medal for making a balloon ascent under heavy fire). Paris seems to have been replete with aeronauts at the time, there is another balloon ascent a day or so later in the Tuilleries. There are encounters with Royalty, visits to the Louvre and Notre Dame, numerous observations on the general superiority of England in all things (“All the prettiest women were English”), a keen eye is leveled at the dress, behaviour and conduct of the ladies of Paris, both for good and ill, plays, tableaux vivant and sundry entertainments are sampled and all is chronicled with agility and attention to detail. A two month excursion into a Georgette Heyer novel.

  • Author: Brooke, Frances.
  • Title: Frances Brooke journal of a trip to Paris, June and July 1821 : manuscript.
  • Production: France, 1821 June-July.

Catalog Record 

LWL Mss Vol. 246

Acquired April 2019