Napoleon after the Battle of Maloyaroslavets

description below

Satirical print showing Napoleon after the battle of Maloyaroslavets (24 October 1812) during his Russian campaign (‘The Patriotic War’ in Russian parlance). He is vomiting fragments of plans and charts as well as a shattered anchor. In his hand he holds a large medicine bottle of emetic labelled in Russian: ‘Emetic. Pour Mr Napoleon. Heartfelt thank you, if only to take it more often. By order of the Russian army, from the pharmacy near Maly Yaroslavets’.

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Acquired April 2023

The C … ll volunteer corps

printed text

  • Author: Inhabitant of Coggeshall.
  • Title: The C … ll volunteer corps : a farce, in two acts / by an inhabitant of Great Coggeshall.
  • Edition: The fourth edition.
  • Publication: Colchester : Printed and sold by I. Marsden : Sold also by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom, [1804?]
  • Manufacture: [Colchester] : Marsden, printer, Colchester.

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768 In56 804

Acquired May 2022

An account of the proceedings respecting the Armed Association

printed text

An account of the foundation meeting of the Hull Armed Association, set up by the ‘Merchants, Ship-Owners, and other Inhabitants’ in February 1798 to ‘assist the Magistrates in support of Civil Society, and for the Defence of the Town, in case the Military should be ordered away, to oppose the landing or resist the progess of the Enemy’.

  • Title: An account of the proceedings respecting the Armed Association of the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood of Kingston-upon-Hull.
  • Publication: [Hull?] : [publisher not identified], [1798?]

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File 63 H87 798+

Acquired March 2022

Impartial thoughts on war and peace

printed text

  • Title: Impartial thoughts on war and peace : together with some hints regarding the ability of Great Britain to carry on the contest, should it be unavoidable.
  • Manufacture: [London] : Printed by W. Bulmer and Co., Cleveland-Row, St. James’s, [1803]

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File 63 803 Im34

Acquired August 2021

At a general meeting of His Majesty’s lieutenancy

printed text

  • Author: Great Britain. Army. Beverley Volunteers.
  • Title: At a general meeting of His Majesty’s lieutenancy of the East-Riding of the county of York, and town and county of the town of Kingston-upon-Hull, held at the Tiger Inn, in Beverley, on Wednesday the 26th day of October, 1803 ; for carrying into further execution, the Acts for the general defence and security of the realm.
  • Publication: Beverley : M. Turner, printer, [1803?]

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File 63 G787 803+

Acquired November 2021

William MacMurdo Duncan Scrapbook

printed text - further description below

A scrapbook seemingly begun by William McMurdo Duncan in the 1790s, based on the earliest manuscript entry entitled “Books Belonging to William McMurdo Duncan 10th Feby. 1799” with later additions perhaps made by other members of his family, as the names of William’s wife Marianne and his daughter Helen are inscribed on the front endpaper. The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings and broadsides relating to the city of Liverpool; shipping and naval news; the Napoleonic Wars; reports of the royal families of England and France; local news stories tending to reports of dramatic accidents and crimes, including reports of the abuse of servants and presumanbly enslaved girls. Also included are two manuscript poems (1816) and a manuscript list of books. Also included is a printed form, completed in manuscript, from New College Manchester, dated “May 1st, 1797”, for a Norwegian student, “Mr. Kield Moestre” (1776-1805), which gives his grades for two months (“March & April”) of lectures in the subjects of languages, mathematics, and natural philosophy. A page from the Observer (no. 1249) from 29 October 1815 includes a large woodcut “Island of Saint Helena” with “A descriptive sketch of the Island of Saint Helena”. Clippings from a column “Cabinet”. Laid in the front are over two dozen clippings from the column “Cabinet” that provide spiritual advice about conduct of life and marriage and other religious topics dated from the 1830s.

  • Creator: Duncan, William MacMurdo, 1772-1853.
  • Title: William MacMurdo Duncan Scrapbook : printed text and manuscript.
  • Production: Liverpool?, England, circa 1795-1816.

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LWL Mss vol. 270

Acquired October 2021

French volunteers marching to the conquest of Great Britain

description below

“A mounted officer with drawn sabre heads a procession of ‘Volunteers’ linked by a chain to his horse and to each other. The horse is a well-bred animal with handsome trappings, but the rider is lean and has torn breeches. He is followed by a file of three whose necks are attached to the horse and whose hands or arms are pinioned. All are miserable wretches, barelegged and ragged; the last, less abject, has sabots and takes snuff. He is chained to the neck of a donkey on whose back is a pannier containing three despairing conscripts. To the animal’s tail is tied a low truck on which a moribund shackled man lies on his back, his knees drawn up. To the truck is chained, in a stooping position, a man whose hands are tied behind his back, his nails being long talons. Birds, scenting carrion, fly towards the procession. Below the design: ‘Dedicated (by an Eye Witness) to the Volunteers of Great Britain’.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Gillray, James, 1756-1815, printmaker.
  • Title: French volunteers marching to the conquest of Great Britain [graphic] / C.L.S.
  • Publication: London : Pubd. Octr. 25th, 1803, by H. Humphrey, 27 St. Jamess [sic] Street, [25 October 1803]

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Acquired March 2020

Collection of Napoleonic War broadsides

see description belowA bound volume of 32 Napoleonic broadsides (two are duplicates). All of the broadsides are noticeable crisp and fresh and are good impressions, perhaps suggesting that they were ordered directly from a publisher, quite possibly James Asperne who is well represented in the collection and made a trade in offering collections of the broadsides to gentlemen.


  • Title: Collection of Napoleonic War broadsides : printed text.
  • Production: England, 1803.

Catalog Record

Folio 63 803 C697

Acquired June 2020