Engravings of an historical fact of a Swiss shepherd…

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This set of prints were advertised in the December 1817 newspaper as “A series of Engravings in Seven Parts, representing the sufferings of a Swiss Shepherd during the revolution of that country, and intended as illustrations of the Lord’s Prayer. Printed on Royal Quarto, price 10s. 6d”. In Ackermann’s own The Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions (Vol. IV, December 1st, 1817), they are listed in the catalogue under “Intelligence, Literary, Scientific” prints and are described as “Engravings of an historical fact of a Swiss Shepherd during the revolution of that country…”

  • Title: [Engravings of an historical fact of a Swiss shepherd during the revolution of that country] [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Published Jany. 1, 1818, at R. Ackermann’s, 101, Strand, London, [1 January 1818]

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Acquired July 2023

J.H. Barrow’s journal

manuscript journal

A manuscript journal recording John Henry Barrow’s nine-month Continental journey through France, Switzerland, and Italy in the immediate post-Waterloo period.


  • Author: Barrow, John Henry.
  • Title: J.H. Barrow’s journal : manuscript.
  • Production: France, Switzerland, and Italy, 1816 May-1817 February.

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LWL Mss Vol. 279

Acquired March 2022

Tabular details of a journey from Geneva to Florence

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An account detailing posts and times for each section of the journey, with notes on inns, conditions of roads, places of note and numerous personal observations; quality of gardens, vegetations and art, the prevalence of goitres in one particular area, the need to obtain the correct paperwork to avoid one’s baggage being rummaged through, and the need to have luggage “plumbed” upon departure from Florence. Clearly written in the hand of Thomas Martyn, this particular tour can be found mentioned in Martyn’s entry in DNB: starting in 1778 he was accompanying his young charge, Edward Hartopp, on his two year continental tour, part of which was later published and made it into his “Gentleman’s Guide in his Tour Through Italy” in 1787 and “Sketch of a Tour Through Switzerland” of the same year.

  • Author: Martyn, Thomas, 1735-1825.
  • Title: Tabular details of a journey from Geneva to Florence : manuscript.
  • Production: Switzerland and Italy, 1779.

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LWL Mss File 149

Acquired April 2019