J.H. Barrow’s journal

manuscript journal

A manuscript journal recording John Henry Barrow’s nine-month Continental journey through France, Switzerland, and Italy in the immediate post-Waterloo period.


  • Author: Barrow, John Henry.
  • Title: J.H. Barrow’s journal : manuscript.
  • Production: France, Switzerland, and Italy, 1816 May-1817 February.

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LWL Mss Vol. 279

Acquired March 2022

Shakespear : poemetto in versi sciolti

printed text

  • Author: Pignotti, Lorenzo, 1739-1812.
  • Title: Shakespear : poemetto in versi sciolti : alla celebre donna Mrs. Montagu, in occasione della di lei applauditissima opera in difesa di quel poeta.
  • Publication: Firenze : Per Gio. Batista Stecchi, e Anton-Giuseppe Pagani, MDCCLXXIX [1779]

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763 P632 779

Acquired October 2021

A gazetteer of France

title page

  • Author: Planta, Edward, author.
  • Title: A gazetteer of France : containing a geographical description of the cities, towns, villages, rivers, mountains, & c within the French empire : with an account of the soil, produce, manufactures … : and a correct map to which is added a geographical account of the Island of Elba / by Edward Planta.
  • Publication: London : Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18 Strand, MDCCCXIV [1814]
  • Manufacture: [London] : (Clowes, printer, Northumberland-Court, Strand).

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82 814Pl v.1

Acquired February 2020

Journal of a tour through France and Italy

page from journalHolograph diary of the author’s trip to France and Italy in a single hand describing the author’s Grand Tour two years after the end of the Napoleonic Wars : The hallmarks of a half pay British officer in the midst of a rather hopeless feeling peace. Clearly an admirer of classical architecture, he makes careful note of remaining classical elements in towns like Avignon and Lyon (“The town of Lyon is by no means handsome. The houses are much crowded and the streets narrow, and dirtier if possible than those of Paris”), and appears very much more affectionate towards what was there, rather than what is. He is nevertheless much struck by the wonders of Florence as he travels towards what his conspicuous classical education clearly regards as the ultimate destination: the city of Rome. In a rather pleasing exhibition of mingled scholarship and military professionalism, he spends a lot of time discussing the historical strategic qualities and shortfalls of many of his stopping points. The journal is erudite, vigorous and detailed.

  • Title: Journal of a tour through France and Italy / by an officer stationed with Wellington’s Army of Occupation at St. Pol, Pas de Calais : manuscript.
  • Production: France and Italy, 1817.

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LWL Mss Vol. 251

Acquired October 2019

The grand tour

Vol 1 -Traveller’s guide through the Netherlands — Vol 2- Traveller’s guide through Germany — Vol. 3 – Traveller’s guide through Italy — Vol. 4 – Traveller’s guide through France.

  • Author: Nugent, Thomas, 1700?-1772.
  • Title: The grand tour : containing an exact description of most of the cities, towns, and remarkable places of Europe, together with a distinct account of the post-roads and stages, with their respective distances through Holland, Flanders … likewise directions relating to the manner and expence of travelling … : as also, occasional remarks on the present state of trade … / by Mr. Nugent. In four volumes.
  • Publication: London : Printed for S. Birt, in Ave-Mary-Lane; D. Browne, without Temple-Bar; ; A. Millar, in the Strand; and G. Hawkins in Fleetstreet, MDCCXLIX [1749]

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81 749 N89

Acquired August 2019

Tabular details of a journey from Geneva to Florence

see description below

An account detailing posts and times for each section of the journey, with notes on inns, conditions of roads, places of note and numerous personal observations; quality of gardens, vegetations and art, the prevalence of goitres in one particular area, the need to obtain the correct paperwork to avoid one’s baggage being rummaged through, and the need to have luggage “plumbed” upon departure from Florence. Clearly written in the hand of Thomas Martyn, this particular tour can be found mentioned in Martyn’s entry in DNB: starting in 1778 he was accompanying his young charge, Edward Hartopp, on his two year continental tour, part of which was later published and made it into his “Gentleman’s Guide in his Tour Through Italy” in 1787 and “Sketch of a Tour Through Switzerland” of the same year.

  • Author: Martyn, Thomas, 1735-1825.
  • Title: Tabular details of a journey from Geneva to Florence : manuscript.
  • Production: Switzerland and Italy, 1779.

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LWL Mss File 149

Acquired April 2019

Nuova e facile grammatica della lingua inglese per gl’italiani…

Nuova e facile grammatica della lingua inglese per gl'italiani

New and easy grammar of the English tongue for the Italians.
  • Author: Barker, Edward, carmelite.
  • Title: Nuova e facile grammatica della lingua inglese per gl’italiani : arricchita di frasologia e dialoghi del molto reverendo padre Eduardo Barker carmelitano scalzo della provincia di Toscana.
  • Edition: Seconda edizione / corretta, ed accresciuta dall’autore.
  • Published: Firenze : Nella stamperia di Gio. Batista Stecchi e Anton-Guiseppe Pagani : si vende da Giovacchino Pagani, MDCCLXXI [1771].

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Acquired July, 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.

Letter : Florence, to Lord Mountsuart, 1782 June 24

Mann, Horace, Sir, 1701-1786

Letter : Florence, to Lord Mountsuart, 1782 June 24

LWL Mss File 35

ALS to Lord Mountstuart and signed by the author, promising to give every attention to Count Brusaque and his lady who have also been recommended to Countess Colloredo, though she now lives “much retired.” He reports on the recent ceremony performed by the “Great Duke” in which he received customary “homage from subaltern towns and feudatarys of this Dutchy.” He also makes reference to recent naval activities, including the capture of two French vessels by Captains Parker and Jespersen on their way to Gilbralter and the anticipated appearance of a Russian fleet at Leghorn (Livorno) in the coming autumn which will, he predicts, have considerable change on public affairs.

Letter : Florence, to Lord Mountsuart - 1 item (2 p.) ; 25 cmSubjects (Library of Congress): Mann, Horace, Sir, 1701-1786; Bute, John Stuart, Marquess of, 1744-1814; Tuscany (Italy)–Foreign relations–Great Britain; Great Britain–Foreign relations–Italy–Tuscany.

Lewis Walpole Library new acquisition: July, 2010