The life of a Norfolk dumpling

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An attack upon Robert Walpole. With allusions to the Craftsman and lack of any to Walpole’s excise suggest this pamphlet was written and published after 1727 and before 1733.


  • Title: The life of a Norfolk dumpling, alias a Norfolk ——— : containing, his birth, parentage, and rise … To which is added, some extraordinary stories, relating to a certain city, alias a South-Sea pudding: and, as an ornament to this work, is prefix’d, the Norfolk lanthorn. A new ballad. To the tune of, Which no body can deny. And the whole concluded with a speech of Sir Francis Wennington to a Parliament of Great Britain … written by Nobody, yet recommended by an unbiass’d Some-body, to the perusal of every-body. Dedicated to a gentleman of Heydon in York-shire; who is taken notice of in his turn in this pamphlet.
  • Publication: London : Printed for, and sold by all the booksellers and pamphlet-sellers in city, town, and country, [between 1727 and 1733?]

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At a court of emergency of the Hon. Artillery-Company…

At a court of emergency of the Hon. Artillery-Company...

  • Author: Great Britain. Army. Honourable Artillery Company of London. Court of Emergency.
  • Uniform Title: [Regulations. 1794-08-21]
  • Title: At a court of emergency of the Hon. Artillery-Company, held at the Mansion-House, on Thursday, August 21, 1794, at three o’clock in the morning: on a requisition from the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayor, for the purpose of assisting the civil power, resolved, that the Company do appear completely armed and accoutred, with two spare flints, in the artillery-ground this evening, at five o’clock precisely, and that every member be required to assign substantial reason for absence. By order of the said Court of Assistants, William White, clerk.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified] [1794]

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Britons to arms!

Britons to arms broadside

  • Title: Britons to arms! : among the various threats used by the tyrannical and insidious enemy, who is attempting our destruction and overthrow, the plunder of our country! is held out as the reward to the armies which are to invade us, …. But we dare to conquer!.
  • Publication: London : Printed for J. Hatchard, No. 190, Piccadilly, [1803]
  • Manufacture: [London] : J. Brettell, printer

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Authentic account of all the fairs in England and Wales

  • AuthorOwen, W. (William), -1793.
  • Uniform Title[Authentic account of all the fairs in England and Wales]
  • TitleAn authentic account published by the King’s authority, of all the fairs in England and Wales : as they have been settled to be held since the alteration of the stile. Noting likewise the commodities which each of the said fairs is remarkable for furnishing.
  • EditionThe second edition.
  • PublishedLondon : Printed for W. Owen, at Homer’s Head, near Temple-Bar, Fleet-street, and R. Goadby, at Sherborne, in Dorsetshire, MDCCLIX [1759]

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To the independent freeholders of the county of Hants

An advertisement for Sir William Heathcote and William Chute in the Hampshire election of 1790.

  • AuthorLover of consistency and peace.
  • TitleTo the independent freeholders of the county of Hants. : How are the mighty fallen!!! …
  • Published[Southampton? : Publisher not identified, 1790].

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