Iohn Bull makeing a naval enqury

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“John Bull, as a burly and ugly sailor, sits enthroned (right), listening to Melville’s plea of innocence. Melville, in Highland dress, and wearing a feathered bonnet, stands in profile to the right. with clasped hands and flexed knees; he says: “Indeed Mr Bull – I knaw nae more aboot it – than Johnny Groat o’the Highlands.” Trotter lurks behind him (left) furtively twitching his superior’s kilt, and jerking his thumb to the left.; he says: “Take my advice – and let us Trot off while we are well, he looks confounded inquisitive.” John scowls and glares pugnaciously, saying, “Why Look ye – de ye see – I dont come for to go for to say – exactly, that you sack’d the cole – all I say is the Shiners set sail – and as you had the care of the Hatches – it is, likely, you should know what Port they steer’d into! I say let’s look at your log book Old one.” He wears striped trousers and a knotted scarf; in his hat is a tobacco-pipe. His chair stands on a dais and is decorated with a crowned anchor and dolphins.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Williams, Charles, active 1797-1830, printmaker.
  • Title: Iohn Bull makeing [sic] a naval enqury [sic] [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Pubd. April 1st, 1805, by S.W. Fores, 50 Piccadilly, [1 April 1805]

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Acquired April 2023

The C … ll volunteer corps

printed text

  • Author: Inhabitant of Coggeshall.
  • Title: The C … ll volunteer corps : a farce, in two acts / by an inhabitant of Great Coggeshall.
  • Edition: The fourth edition.
  • Publication: Colchester : Printed and sold by I. Marsden : Sold also by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom, [1804?]
  • Manufacture: [Colchester] : Marsden, printer, Colchester.

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768 In56 804

Acquired May 2022

The ton : anecdotes, chit-chat, hints and on dits

printed title page

Hand-colored etchings attributed to George Cruikshank by Cohn.

  • Author: Hellēn, author.
  • Title: The ton : anecdotes, chit-chat, hints and on dits : dedicated to all the gossips / by the author of The Greeks … ; with six humorous prints.
  • Edition: Ninth edition.
  • Publication: London : Printed for J.J. Stockdale, No. 41, Pall Mall, 1819.

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63 819 H477

Acquired December 2021

A tragi-comical dialogue between my Lord Skaggs and his broomstick

printed text

“A broadside on Matthew Skeggs, a publican who became famous for miming music-making with a broomstick while making matching vocal sounds; with a round mezzotint after a painting by Thomas King, showing Skeggs facing towards the right, next to the portrait an etched broomstick surmounted by a dancing hog, and a suspended horn; with engraved title and verses of one poem and of one song text by Henry Howard in two columns.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Author: Howard, H. (Henry), author.
  • Title: A tragi-comical dialogue between my Lord Skaggs and his broomstick / by H. Howard.
  • Publication: London : Printed for John Ryall, at Hogarth’s Head, in Fleet Street, [1752]

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File 763 752 H83+

Acquired October 2021

A fragment of the history of John Bull

book, printed text

  • Author: Ettrick, William, 1756 or 1757-1847.
  • Title: A fragment of the history of John Bull : with the birth, parentage, education, and humours of Jack Radical : with incidental remards upon ancient and modern radicalism / by Horace Hombergh, Esq. of the Middle Temple, London [i.e. William Ettrick].
  • Publication: London : Printed for Thomas Wilkie, 57, Paternoster-Row; and sold by Akenhead, Charnley, and Finlay, Newcastle upon Tyne; Renney, Sunderland; and Andrews, Durham, 1820.
  • Manufacture: London : T. Davison, Lombard Street, Whitefriars, [1820]

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63 820 Et85

Acquired April 2021

Something concerning Nobody

Something concerning Nobody title page

  • Author: Ireland, W. H. (William Henry), 1777-1835.
  • Title: Something concerning Nobody / edited by Somebody. Embellished with fourteen characteristic etchings.
  • Publication: London : Printed for Robert Scholey, 46, Paternoster-Row, 1814.
  • Manufacture: London : W. Flint, printer, Old Bailey, [1814]

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761 814 Ir3

Acquired June 2018

A full and true account of the dreadful and melancholly earthquake

lwlacq00199 (720x1024)

A satire.
The imprint is fictitious.

  • AuthorBentley, R. (Richard), 1708-1782, attributed name.
  • TitleA full and true account of the dreadful and melancholly earthquake, which happened between twelve and one o’clock in the morning, on Thursday the fifth instant : with an exact list of such persons as have hitherto been found in the rubbish. In a letter from a gentleman in town, to his friend in the country.
  • EditionThe fifth edition.
  • PublishedLondon [i.e. Dublin] : Printed for Tim. Tremor, near the Temple Gate, Fleet-Street, 1750.

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File 63 750 B44d

Acquired July 2016