The Surrey contest freely stated

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A political satire of Admiral Augustus Keppel (1725-1786), navy officer and politician, and his unfortunate campaign for the seat of Surrey in 1780. The broadside is augmented by the engraved illustration featuring Keppel, his ship HMS Formidable ablaze, and fourteen other figures, all in service of “Merit protected. Persecution repelled. Undue Influence defeated.” The lengthy satirical poem was prompted by the 1780 election for the commons in Surrey. It references his previous courts-martial for his conduct during the Battle of Ushant, and comments on the state of the nation, war, and the economy.

  • Title: The Surrey contest freely stated; with various anecdotes related. With curious anecdotes related.
  • Publication: [London] : [John Stockdale], [1780]

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Acquired July 2023

The whole particulars of a most barbarous, cruel, and horrid murder….

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Printed in four columns. With two large woodcuts beneath the title illustrating the murder and the discovery of the body. A third, smaller woodcut depicting the burial of the victim appears in the lower right, above a poem.
The Radlett murder, also know as the Elstree murder. The victim was William Weare was murdered by John Thurtell, who owed him a gambling debt, and his accomplices Joseph Hunt and William Probert.

  • Title: The whole particulars of a most barbarous, cruel, and horrid murder, committed upon the body of W. Weare, Esq. — : together with the dreadful confessions of Hunt and Probart [sic].
  • Publication: [London] : J. Catnach, printer, 2, Monmouth-Ct., 7 Dials, London, [1823]

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Acquired August 2022

R—l George running from his wife

printed text

  • Title: R—l George running from his wife, or, A cruize in the channel!!.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed and published by John Fairburn, Broadway, Ludgate-Hill, [approximately 1820]

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Songs & ballads

printed text

A collection of 19 broadsides and 81 slipsongs pasted into a folio album, some printed on blue paper 52 of them having a woodcut illustration; 7 titles are present in two copies. Most were published in London, York, and Newcastle, but also Hull, Birmingham, Coventry, Easingwold, Selby, and Gateshead.

  • Title: Songs & ballads.
  • Publication: [England], [1795-1850, bulk 1810-1830]

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Acquired March 2022

Scrap album of printed ephemera


A collection of material relating to the elections for the two Oxford borough and two Oxfordshire county seats in the early nineteenth century, largely focusing on the 1812 General Election, where John Atkyns-Wright, John Ingram Lockhart, Francis Almeric Spencer and John Fane were, respectively, duly elected as Members of Parliament. In addition to the relatively official and perfunctory handbills and posters, addressed to ‘Freemen of the City of Oxford’ that necessarily accompanied Georgian elections, this volume also highlights the cut and thrust of campaigning. Numerous mock wanted or lost notices (for example ‘Wanted, An Upper Servant, a steady Man, to serve in an honourable House’, mocking Francis Almeric Spencer as a Marlborough man), squibs, songsters (often to the tune of the then popular ‘Derry-Down’) and verses.

  • Title: [Scrap album of printed ephemera relating to parliamentary elections in Oxford].
  • Publication: [England], [bulk 1800-1812]

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Quarto 64 Ox3 800

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Children of discord. As sung at Sadler’s Wells

printed broadside

In one column with a woodcut above the title.

  • Title: Children of discord. As sung at Sadler’s Wells. Tune — Heart of oak.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed and sold by J. Pitts, 14, Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials, [between 1802 and 1819]

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Acquired October 2021