La Loire Frigate, or, Yeo! Yeo!

printed text

Refers to an incident in Muros Bay, June 4, 1805, in which the privateer L’Esperance was captured by the British through the exertions of Lt. Yeo of the Loire.

  • Title: La Loire Frigate, or, Yeo! Yeo!.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed and sold by J. Jennings, No. 15, Water-lane, Fleet-street, [1805?]

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File 763 805 L834

Acquired October 2021


A tragi-comical dialogue between my Lord Skaggs and his broomstick

printed text

“A broadside on Matthew Skeggs, a publican who became famous for miming music-making with a broomstick while making matching vocal sounds; with a round mezzotint after a painting by Thomas King, showing Skeggs facing towards the right, next to the portrait an etched broomstick surmounted by a dancing hog, and a suspended horn; with engraved title and verses of one poem and of one song text by Henry Howard in two columns.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Author: Howard, H. (Henry), author.
  • Title: A tragi-comical dialogue between my Lord Skaggs and his broomstick / by H. Howard.
  • Publication: London : Printed for John Ryall, at Hogarth’s Head, in Fleet Street, [1752]

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File 763 752 H83+

Acquired October 2021

The sorrows of Yamba

description below

In four columns, with the title above the first two columns; columns are not separated by rules; the first and fourth columns include one woodcut each and the second includes two woodcuts.
At foot of the fourth column, within square brackets, is the statement “Entered at Stationers Hall.”

  • Author: More, Hannah, 1745-1833, attributed name.
  • Title: The sorrows of Yamba, or, The negro woman’s lamentation : to the tune of Hosier’s ghost.
  • Publication: [London?] : [publisher not identified], [1795?]

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File 53 M813 795+

Acquired July 2021


Song. The independent electors of Middlesex

description below

A slip song with the refrain “Derry down, down, &c” addressed to constituents of Middlesex to vote for independent radical candidates George Byng and Sir Francis Burdett in the upcoming local election of 1802.


  • Title:Song. The independent electors of Middlesex.
  • Publication:[London] : J. Abraham, Clement’s Lane, [1802]

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File 763 802 So698

Acquired August 2020

The slaves triumphant

description below

Date based on inclusion of ‘Wottington’, perhaps a variant spelling of Samuel Worthington, Mayor of Nottingham in 1800/1.
An apparently satirical Nottinghamshire slip song, perhaps produced during an enclosure dispute (‘Have BURGESS’s the Time forgot, When Worshipper’s of Mammon; Combined to seize that happy Spot, We hold as RIGHT of Common?’), which groups the names of several local worthies (such as Mayors Hawksley and Hunt) ‘as An Auctioneer’s old Books, Waste Paper, Rotten Leather’.


  • Title: The slaves triumphant. Tune. College rules.
  • Publication: [Nottinghamshire, England?] : [publisher not identified], [approximately 1800?]

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File 763 800 SL631

Acquired September 2020

Salus populi suprema lex

description belowBroadside poem, with engraving above letterpress text.
Engraved at top left of image: June mid-day. Engaved at top right of image: Tide, low water at London Bridge.


  • Creator: Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878.
  • Title: Salus populi suprema lex. … royal address of Cadwallader ap-Tudor ap-Edwards ap-Vaughan, Water-King of Southwark …
  • Published: London, S. Knight [1828]

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Acquired November 2020

The messenger of mortality

see description belowFirst line: Fair lady, lay your costly robes aside …
Woodcut image: a scene in a room with two windows and a table with a lighted candle. On the right Death wearing a crown and holding an arrow and hourglass stands next to a lady who is holding her child’s hand. Beside the child stands a gentleman (doctor). On the ground at Death’s feet are a shovel and emblems of power(?).

  • Title: The messenger of mortality, or, A dialogue between Death and the lady.
  • Publication: [York, England] : Carrall, printer, Walmgate, York, [between 1822 and 1834]

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Acquired June 2019

A merry tale of the jealous weaver

A merry tale of the jealous weaver. Detailed description below

A satirical broadside, with two vignettes of the “Weaver”. On the left the weaver is at his loom his back to his wife who is seated at the hearth warming her hands over the fire. On the right he is shown in the disguise of a Friar receiving his wife for confession as she kneels before him. Two columns of verse below: “A weaver jealous of his wife like many, Still dream’t of horns before the Knave had any … Twas you were the young man the old man & [the] Fryer. Finis.”

  • Title: A merry tale of the jealous weaver [graphic].
  • Publication: London : Printed and sold by Samuel Lyne, map and printseller at the Globe in Newgate Street, [between 1741? and 1748]

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Acquired November 2018