A tragi-comical dialogue between my Lord Skaggs and his broomstick

printed text

“A broadside on Matthew Skeggs, a publican who became famous for miming music-making with a broomstick while making matching vocal sounds; with a round mezzotint after a painting by Thomas King, showing Skeggs facing towards the right, next to the portrait an etched broomstick surmounted by a dancing hog, and a suspended horn; with engraved title and verses of one poem and of one song text by Henry Howard in two columns.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Author: Howard, H. (Henry), author.
  • Title: A tragi-comical dialogue between my Lord Skaggs and his broomstick / by H. Howard.
  • Publication: London : Printed for John Ryall, at Hogarth’s Head, in Fleet Street, [1752]

Catalog Record

File 763 752 H83+

Acquired October 2021

The sportsman’s evening brush

printed text

  • Title: The sportsman’s evening brush : consisting of the best and most approved songs, of the chace ; … calculated to give sporting a zest … : To which is added, The sportsman’s toast assistant, or President’s sentimental guide. (Entirely new).
  • Published: London : Printed for J. Roach, Russel-Court, Drury-Lane, and sold by all the booksellers in Great-Britain and Ireland, [1791?]

Catalog Record

74 791 Sp764

Acquired May 2021

A garland of new songs

printed text

A chapbook.

  • Title: A garland of new songs. : William and Margaret; Mary’s dream; Roy’s wife of Aldivalloch; My Nannie, O; Death or liberty.
  • Publication: Newcastle upon Tyne : Printed by J. Marshall, in the Old Flesh-Market. Where may also be had, a large and curious assortment of songs, ballads, tales, histories, &c., [between 1800 and 1831]

Catalog Record

File 74 800 G233 no. 11

Acquired April 2021

Chrisr. Finn’s book, written Decemr. [the] 20th, 1797

description below

A commonplace book containing lists of toasts, dances, songs and quotations assembled by Christopher Finn. A section entitled “Elegant extracts” appears to be an extract from “The unfashionable wife. A novel” (published in London, 1772), perhaps to be used for recitation. The section “Matter for letters” contains suggests for well-turned phrases for the beginning, middle, and ‘subscription’. The last page contains instructions to the person who might find this volume, promising a reward; he provides not only his own address but those of two friends, one in Birmingham and one London and a note to his friends assuring them than he will re-imburse them the price of postage and the reward to the finder, clear evidence of how important this volume was to the author.

  • Author: Finn, Christopher.
  • Title: Chrisr. Finn’s book, written Decemr. [the] 20th, 1797 : manuscript.
  • Production: Dublin, circa 1797

Catalog Record

LWL Mss Vol. 261

Acquired May 2020

The Death of Nelson, on the twenty first of October, sung by Mr. Incledon

printed text including words to a song and musical notes

  • Author: Dibdin, Thomas, 1771-1841, author.
  • Title: The Death of Nelson, on the twenty first of October, sung by Mr. Incledon, in the interlude of Nelson’s Glory, at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden / written by T. Dibdin.
  • Publication: London : Printed & sold by Preston, at his wholesale Warehouse, 97, Strand, [1805]

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File 53 N333 803+

Acquired February 2021

The slaves triumphant

description below

Date based on inclusion of ‘Wottington’, perhaps a variant spelling of Samuel Worthington, Mayor of Nottingham in 1800/1.
An apparently satirical Nottinghamshire slip song, perhaps produced during an enclosure dispute (‘Have BURGESS’s the Time forgot, When Worshipper’s of Mammon; Combined to seize that happy Spot, We hold as RIGHT of Common?’), which groups the names of several local worthies (such as Mayors Hawksley and Hunt) ‘as An Auctioneer’s old Books, Waste Paper, Rotten Leather’.


  • Title: The slaves triumphant. Tune. College rules.
  • Publication: [Nottinghamshire, England?] : [publisher not identified], [approximately 1800?]

Catalog Record

File 763 800 SL631

Acquired September 2020

The musical bouquet, or, Popular songs and ballads

title page

For voice and harp or harpsichord


  • Author: Jones, Edward, 1752-1824.
  • Title: The musical bouquet, or, Popular songs and ballads : some of which are composed, & others selected by the editor : to which are added proper accompaniments for the harp or harpsichord, and most respectfully inscribed to his scholars / by Edward Jones, bard to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, & teacher of the harp.
  • Published: London : Printed and sold at no. 3 Green Street, near Grosvenor Square …, [1799]

Catalog Record

74 799 J76

Acquired October 2020