Memento. : Drunkenness expels reason, drowns the memory…

printed text

Engraved, with letterpress imprint and ornamental border and with a vignette above showing a street scene at night, with one man vomitting as he is supported by two companions. Across the street under a street light, a prostitute waves at the men.


  • Title: Memento. : Drunkenness expels reason, drowns the memory, distempers the body …
  • Publication: [Alnwick] : Davison, printer, Alnwick, [not after 1858]

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File 66 858 M533

Acquired November 2022

Designs for Georgian playing cards

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Three playing cards, or transformation cards, drawn in pen and ink by an unidentified artist, showing caricatured figures using the shape of the pip, only hearts or diamonds (red watercolor) in this incomplete set. One of the cards (two hearts) features two gentlemen meeting. The other two cards (three of diamonds) feature a lady with a fan and two gentleman in one card; the other incomplete, has a lady with a fan and only one gentleman.


  • Title: [Designs for Georgian playing cards] [art original].
  • Production: [England], [between 1800 and 1820?]

Catalog Record

Drawings Un58 no. 96

Acquired August 2022

Designs for transformation playing cards

description below
description below















Four drawings, each depicting a different character with their face in the form of a heart: a man drinking; a man with a pipe; a violinist; and an elegant lady.
Eleven drawings, each depicting a different character with their face in the form of a heart: a man playing a flute; a dour-looking cleryman; a coachman; a vendor wearing a turban; a man in a tricorne hat; an obese man in an armchair with medicine on a side table; a man smoking a pipe. Also two cards wtih older woman clutching a blanket around her shoulders; a pretty young women with a highly decorated hat with feathers and her hands in a muff; and, a female ballad sheet vendor.


  • Artist: Dubuisson, Elizabeth, artist.
  • Title: [Designs for transformation playing cards] [art original].
  • Production: [England], [approximately 1830]

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Drawings D821 no. 1

Acquired December 2022

Toplis & Sons, tobacco and snuff manufacturers

printed text

  • Title: Toplis & Sons, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, No. 71, Shoreditch, London [graphic] : importers of Havannah and all other foreign cigars & snuffs, & manufacturers of all sorts of fancy tobacco’s & snuffs.
  • Publication: [London] : [Toplis & Sons], [approximately 1825]

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File 66 825 T675

Acquired October 2022

The City-Office and Statute-Hall, for Hiring Servants

printed text

Printed advertisement, issued by Mary Noble, for her servant registry office in London. Noble was proprietor of the business between 1781 and 1785, when the City of London Land Tax records lists her as paying an annual rent and Land Tax for her premises.

  • Author: Noble, Mary, active 1781-1785.
  • Title: The City-Office and Statute-Hall, for Hiring Servants, at No. 100, Fenchurch-Street, opposite the India-Warehouses.
  • Publication: [London] : [M. Noble], [not after 1782]

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File 66 782 C581

Acquired August 2022

Private play. Thursday, June 27th, 1822

printed text

Printed card advertising a Regency private theatrical performance. A location of London is suggested by the identity of one of the performers. “Mrs. Weippart,” Penelope Weippert, née Blane (-1846), wife of John Michael Weippart (1775-1831), harpist, was a professional actress connected with the Theatre Royal on the Strand.
Signed at the end: Stage carpenter, Mr. Riordan.


  • Title: Private play. Thursday, June 27th, 1822. An occasional address to be delivered by Captain Hill. Foot’s farce of The liar … Colman’s farce of Blue devils … The entertainment to be concluded with supper and quadrilles.
  • Publication: [London?] : [publisher not identified], [1822]

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File 66 822 P961

Acquired November 2022

Scrap album of printed ephemera


A collection of material relating to the elections for the two Oxford borough and two Oxfordshire county seats in the early nineteenth century, largely focusing on the 1812 General Election, where John Atkyns-Wright, John Ingram Lockhart, Francis Almeric Spencer and John Fane were, respectively, duly elected as Members of Parliament. In addition to the relatively official and perfunctory handbills and posters, addressed to ‘Freemen of the City of Oxford’ that necessarily accompanied Georgian elections, this volume also highlights the cut and thrust of campaigning. Numerous mock wanted or lost notices (for example ‘Wanted, An Upper Servant, a steady Man, to serve in an honourable House’, mocking Francis Almeric Spencer as a Marlborough man), squibs, songsters (often to the tune of the then popular ‘Derry-Down’) and verses.

  • Title: [Scrap album of printed ephemera relating to parliamentary elections in Oxford].
  • Publication: [England], [bulk 1800-1812]

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Quarto 64 Ox3 800

Acquired July 2022

Documents relating to a legal dispute between the overseers of the poor

selection of printed sheets fanned out

A collection of ten documents concerning a dispute over which of two parishes in Derbyshire should be responsible for a pauper family. The family of Thomas Bottom, his wife Hannah, and their five children (Ann 12 years, Thomas 10 years, Sarah 7 years, Charles 4 years, and Lydia “aged abt 1/2 year”) had been adjudged by two local magistrates to be lawfully resident in Bradburn and therefore were the responsibility of the Overseers of that parish. The Bradburn Overseers, however, produced strong evidence to the contrary and were thus appealing the decision.

  • Title: Documents relating to a legal dispute between the overseers of the poor of the parishes of Bradburn and Kniveton, in Derbyshire : manuscript and printed text.
  • Production: Derbyshire, England, 1817.

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LWL Mss File 155+

Acquired May 2022

To the constables, tythingmen, and other his Majesty’s Peace Officers

printed form with manuscript text

  • Title: To the constables, tythingmen, and other his Majesty’s Peace Officers of [blank] in the said county, for due execution and return therof. : You are hereby required in his Majesty’s name, forthwith to summon and warn [blank] to appear before me, or others of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the said county …
  • Publication: [Somerton, England] : [publisher not identified, [ca. 1809]
  • Manufacture: [Somerton, England] : Barrett, typ. Somerton, [ca. 1809]

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File 66 809 T627

Acquired October 2021