To the worthy and independent electors of Westminster

description belowA Westminster election handbill.


  • Author: Townshend, John, Lord.
  • Title: To the worthy and independent electors of Westminster. Gentlemen, I beg leave to return you my best thanks …
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1788]

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File 646 788 T753

Acquired March 2020

Theatre Royal, Jersey

description below

A playbill printed on silk.


  • Title: Theatre Royal, Jersey. By desire of Lt. Col. Blommart, and officers of the 62nd Regiment (Springers), on Wednesday, December 27th, 1809, will be performed the comedy of A cure for the [heart] ache … : End of the play, a comic song by Mr. C. Curtis. To conclude with the farce of We fly by night! or, Long stories … Places to be had of Mrs. Shatford, at Mrs. Viels …
  • Production: Jersey : Stead, Army Printer, 1809.

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File 767 P69B J55 1809 12/27+

Acquired June 2020

Georgian playing cards

description below

A set of playing cards drawn by an unidentified artist, showing caricatured figures; each vignette incorporates the formation of hearts or diamonds into the scene. Some of the cards are numbered or annotated on the backs while others show drafts of other sketches. The set contains only the red suits and with cards numbered from one to ten in each, although some numbers are missing and there are multiples of other numbers. Illustrations are also duplicated while others appear not to have been finished. There are no cards with clubs and spades. A number of the cards center on Shakespearean themes, social history and street scenes (such as courtroom drama, musicians performing, a man in the stocks and, in a few, card playing itself). Some of the scenes depicted on these cards show the more ribald, drawing from Macbeth’s Weird Sisters, Twelfth Night, King John, and The Merry Wives of Windsor; several are annotated on the reverse with lines from the plays. Falstaff is featured on several cards. Many of the cards reflect the mores of the period and the contrast between ruling passions and rules of conduct. In one, two men cast judgment upon a pregnant woman. It is annotated on the reverse with a dialogue between a Constable and a Judge. In “Village School” a schoolteacher manages to simultaneously hold a book and pinch a child’s ear (nine of hearts). Other subjects include a game of chess (five of diamonds); drinking and smoking in a pub (seven of diamonds); and “Bunbury’s Country Club” in which the artist has kept elements from the print (published circa 1788) for the six of diamonds. On one card the artist depicts a game of whist (annotated on the reverse “Can you one?”) for the ten of diamonds.


  • Title: [Georgian playing cards] [art original].
  • Production: [England], ca. 1800-1820.

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Drawings Un58 G

Acquired February 2020

Collection of Napoleonic War broadsides

see description belowA bound volume of 32 Napoleonic broadsides (two are duplicates). All of the broadsides are noticeable crisp and fresh and are good impressions, perhaps suggesting that they were ordered directly from a publisher, quite possibly James Asperne who is well represented in the collection and made a trade in offering collections of the broadsides to gentlemen.


  • Title: Collection of Napoleonic War broadsides : printed text.
  • Production: England, 1803.

Catalog Record

Folio 63 803 C697

Acquired June 2020

An exact representation of toupies

description belowA print with 16 numbered oval images, four rows of four images, showing women hairstyles and hairpieces decorated with ribbons and lace.

  • Title: An exact representation of toupies [sic] on a new construction, and other kinds of false hair, made by J. Pyke, no. 24 Milk Street, Cheapside, London [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [J. Pyke], [between 1760 and 1770?]

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Acquired November 2019

Halfpenny of Lackington Allen & Co

“A trade token issued by the famed bookseller James Lackington (1746-1815), the same year he opened the Temple of the Muses, ‘one of the wonders of London’ (Oxford DNB); with reputedly a million books on display, it was at the time the biggest bookshop in the world. Tokens such as these were issued in many places in England in the late eighteenth century, when the government failed to mint enough copper coinage for the conduct of business. According to Oxford DNB, Lackington issued thousands of such tokens, which were only valid at his shop. All were struck by Lutwyche of Birmingham.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Creator: Lackington, Allen and Co.
  • Title: Halfpenny of Lackington Allen & Co. [realia] : cheapest booksellers in the world.
  • Publication: [London] : [Lackington, Allen and Co], 1794.
  • Manufacture: [Birmingham, England] : [Lutwyche], [1794]

Catalog Record

LWL Min. 147

Acquired October 2019

Tomkin’s Picture Lottery

  • Author: Tomkin’s Picture Lottery.
  • Title: Tomkin’s Picture Lottery. : One half of the tickets are printed in black, and the other half in red ink; and the drawing is so arranged, that one colour must be all prizes, and the other collour all blanks; so that the purchaser of a red ticket and a black ticket is sure to gain a prize. Tickets three guineas each, to be had at the exhibition, Nos. 53 and 54, New Bond-Street, (where the prizes are exhibited gratis,) and at all the lottery offices. Schedule of the prizes. …
  • Publication: [London, England] : [publisher not identified], [1821]

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File 66 821 T658

Acquired October 2019


4th night. Blenheim

An admission ticket to a performance on 30 November 1789 at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. Such private theatricals at country houses became increasingly popular during the eighteenth century, with plays starting in earnest at Blenheim in 1786 and becoming so successful that a greenhouse was converted into a proper theater.

  • Title: 4th night. Blenheim. Monday, November 30, 1789, will be performed, False appearances; with The maid of the oaks. : To begin at seven o’clock, and the doors to be opened at half past six. These tickets are not transferable.
  • Publication: [England] : [publisher not identified], [1789]

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File 66 789 F78

Acquired July 2019

The wonderful strong and surprizing Persian dwarf

description below“Portrait of a Persian dwarf, full-length, slightly turned to the left, holding up ropes tied to his hair, dressed in a frockcoat with the skirts buttoned back and with a Turkish hat on his head, a large weight at his side, a harlequin pointing to an advertisement for the dwarf on a shed beyond, the whole surrounded by scrolling rococo foliate and shell designs.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: The wonderful strong and surprizing Persian dwarf [graphic] : 3 foot 6 inches high, born in Persia, is fifty six years old, speaks eighteen languages, sings Italian, dances to admiration and with the ropes ty’d to his hair, when put over his shoulders lifts the great stone A.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1740?]

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Acquired June 2019

Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, this present Thursday

  • Author: Covent Garden Theatre.
  • Title: Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, this present Thursday, being the 24th of April, will be presented a comedy, call’d Love for love : Valentine by Mr. Smith … To which will be added a burlesque opera, call’d The dragon of Wantley. The part of Moore of Moore-hall by Mr. Lowe …
  • Publication: [London] : [The Theatre], [1755]

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File 767 P69B C838 1755 4/24

Acquired June 2019