The life of a Norfolk dumpling

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An attack upon Robert Walpole. With allusions to the Craftsman and lack of any to Walpole’s excise suggest this pamphlet was written and published after 1727 and before 1733.


  • Title: The life of a Norfolk dumpling, alias a Norfolk ——— : containing, his birth, parentage, and rise … To which is added, some extraordinary stories, relating to a certain city, alias a South-Sea pudding: and, as an ornament to this work, is prefix’d, the Norfolk lanthorn. A new ballad. To the tune of, Which no body can deny. And the whole concluded with a speech of Sir Francis Wennington to a Parliament of Great Britain … written by Nobody, yet recommended by an unbiass’d Some-body, to the perusal of every-body. Dedicated to a gentleman of Heydon in York-shire; who is taken notice of in his turn in this pamphlet.
  • Publication: London : Printed for, and sold by all the booksellers and pamphlet-sellers in city, town, and country, [between 1727 and 1733?]

Catalog Record

53 W169 L722

Acquired July 2020

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