French flight

French flight

Political satire: Burke as Mercury carrying on his shoulders Marie Antoinette who in turn carries Louis XVI

  • Printmaker: Dent, W. , fl. 1783-1793.
  • Title: French flight, or, The grand monarque and the rights of kings supported in a sublime and beautiful manner.
  • Published: [London] : Pub. by Dent, June 26, 1791.

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The 3 kings


The kings of England, France, and Spain stand or sit by a table on which sit a punch-bowl, wine bottles, and glasses. Behind the table is a four-leaved screen. A waiter with a bill in his hand and a napkin under his arm says to George II “Who pays the reckoning.” George responds “O! The French king pays for me.” The king of France in a coat decorated with fleur-de-lys responds “The king of Spain pays for all.” The king of Spain seated at the table and dressed in a clock and feathered hat says “D-n the family compact.”

  • Title: The 3 kings : who pays the reckoning, or, Don Diego in the dumps.
  • Published: [London] : Published as the Act directs, Feby. 26, 1780 by WRichardson, No. 68 High Holborn, [26 Feb. 1780]

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