Journal of a tour through part of France, Flanders, and Holland

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  • Author: Stevenson, Seth William, 1784-1853, author.
  • Title: Journal of a tour through part of France, Flanders, and Holland : including a visit to Paris, and a walk over the field of Waterloo: made in the summer of 1816 / by Seth William Stevenson.
  • Publication: Norwich : Printed (not for sale) at the Norfolk Chronicle Press, by Stevenson, Matchett, and Stevenson, 1817.

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Acquired May 2021

The Belgian traveller

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  • Author: Boyce, Edmund.
  • Title: The Belgian traveller, or, A complete guide through the United Netherlands : containing a full description of every town, its objects of curiousity, manufactures, commerce, and inns; … To which is prefixed a brief sketch of the history, constitution, and religion, of the Netherlands … and the manners and customs of the inhabitants … Embellished with a large map and a plan of Brussels / by Edmund Bouce, Esq.
  • Published: London : Printed by Samuel Leigh, 18 Strand, 1815.

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Acquired February 2020

The grand tour

Vol 1 -Traveller’s guide through the Netherlands — Vol 2- Traveller’s guide through Germany — Vol. 3 – Traveller’s guide through Italy — Vol. 4 – Traveller’s guide through France.

  • Author: Nugent, Thomas, 1700?-1772.
  • Title: The grand tour : containing an exact description of most of the cities, towns, and remarkable places of Europe, together with a distinct account of the post-roads and stages, with their respective distances through Holland, Flanders … likewise directions relating to the manner and expence of travelling … : as also, occasional remarks on the present state of trade … / by Mr. Nugent. In four volumes.
  • Publication: London : Printed for S. Birt, in Ave-Mary-Lane; D. Browne, without Temple-Bar; ; A. Millar, in the Strand; and G. Hawkins in Fleetstreet, MDCCXLIX [1749]

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Acquired August 2019

Gotfr. Hegeniti[i] Itinerarium

Title: Gotfr. Hegeniti[i] Itinerarium ...

Binding and case: Gotfr. Hegeniti[i] Itinerarium

Thomas Gray’s copy with his signature on the title page and the cost on last blank. Bound in 19th century full red morocco gilt by Clarke & Bedford and housed in a wallet style brown leather case.

  • Author: Hegenitius, Gottfried, 1596-1646.
  • Title: Gotfr. Hegeniti[i] Itinerarium Frisio-Hollandicum, et Abr. Ortelii Itinerarium Gallo-Brabanticum. : In quibus quæ visu, quælectu digna.
  • Published: Lugd. Batavor. : Ex officina Elzeviriana., M D C XXX.

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Acquired April 2012

The present state of Holland, or, A description of the United Provinces…

The present state of Holland, or, A description of the United Provinces

  • Title: The present state of Holland, or, A description of the United Provinces : wherein is contained a particular account of the Hague, and all the principal cities and towns of the republick, with their buildings, curiosities, &c. of the manner’s and custom’s of the Dutch ; their constitution, legislature, sovereign courts, ministry revenue, forces by sea and land, navy, admirality, bank, East-India Company, navigation, commerce, in Asia, Africa and America ; and with Great-Brittain, France, Spain, and the other states of Europe: their universities, arts, sciences, men of letters, &c. to which are added directions for making the tour of the provinces [sic]
  • Edition: The fourth and last edition.
  • Published: [Leyden] : Printed for the author and to be got at Leiden by Cornelis de Pecker, 1765.

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Acquired July, 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.