A catalogue of goods, to be sold by auction

printed text

  • Title: A catalogue of goods, to be sold by auction, in lots, upon the premises, on Monday the 6th of March, 1786, being the stock in trade and household furniture, the property of the late John Turner, of Derby. : The sale to commence at ten o’clock, and continue ’till the whole is disposed of.
  • Publication: Derby [England] : Printed by J. Drewry, [1786]

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123 C357 786

Acquired May 2022

William MacMurdo Duncan Scrapbook

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A scrapbook seemingly begun by William McMurdo Duncan in the 1790s, based on the earliest manuscript entry entitled “Books Belonging to William McMurdo Duncan 10th Feby. 1799” with later additions perhaps made by other members of his family, as the names of William’s wife Marianne and his daughter Helen are inscribed on the front endpaper. The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings and broadsides relating to the city of Liverpool; shipping and naval news; the Napoleonic Wars; reports of the royal families of England and France; local news stories tending to reports of dramatic accidents and crimes, including reports of the abuse of servants and presumanbly enslaved girls. Also included are two manuscript poems (1816) and a manuscript list of books. Also included is a printed form, completed in manuscript, from New College Manchester, dated “May 1st, 1797”, for a Norwegian student, “Mr. Kield Moestre” (1776-1805), which gives his grades for two months (“March & April”) of lectures in the subjects of languages, mathematics, and natural philosophy. A page from the Observer (no. 1249) from 29 October 1815 includes a large woodcut “Island of Saint Helena” with “A descriptive sketch of the Island of Saint Helena”. Clippings from a column “Cabinet”. Laid in the front are over two dozen clippings from the column “Cabinet” that provide spiritual advice about conduct of life and marriage and other religious topics dated from the 1830s.

  • Creator: Duncan, William MacMurdo, 1772-1853.
  • Title: William MacMurdo Duncan Scrapbook : printed text and manuscript.
  • Production: Liverpool?, England, circa 1795-1816.

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LWL Mss vol. 270

Acquired October 2021

A complete guide to all persons who have any trade

title page

  • Uniform Title: Compleat guide to all persons.
  • Title: A complete guide to all persons who have any trade or concern with the city of London, and parts adjacent : I. containing the names of all the streets, squares, lanes, &c. II. The names and situation of the churches, chapels … III. An account of all the stage-coaches, carriers … IV. The names and places of abode of the most eminent merchants and traders in and about London …
  • Edition: The sixth edition, with large additions and alterations.
  • Publication: London : Printed for T. & T. Longman, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, and R. Baldwin, in Pater-Noster Row; J. Hodges, near London-Bridge; and J. & J. Rivington, in St. Paul’s Church-Yard, MDCCLV [1755]

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646 755 C737

Acquired June 2020

Long faces at Smithfield

description below

Discontent among British merchants and farmers who had enjoyed high prices for their domestic produce during the Revolutionary Wars.


  • Printmaker: Roberts, Piercy, active 1791-1805, printmaker.
  • Title: Long faces at Smithfield. Peace, long faces at the corn-exchange [graphic] / Woodward delin. ; etchd. by Roberts.
  • Publication: London : Pubd. by P. Roberts, 28 Middle-row, Holborn, [1802]

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Acquired September 2020

Attended by his levee in London

description belowCopy (not reversed) of the first state of Plate 2 of Hogarth’s ‘The Rake’s Progress’ (Paulson 133): a fashionable interior with Tom, in elegant indoor dress, surrounded by tradesmen vying for his custom: a poet, a wigmaker, a tailor, a musician (with a list of presents given by aristocrats to the popular castrato, Farinelli), a fencing master (said to be named Dubois), a prizefighter with quarter-staffs (said to be James Figg), a dancing master (John Essex?), a landscape-gardener (said to be Charles Bridgeman), a bodyguard, a huntsman and a jockey.–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: Attended by his levee in London [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Publish’d wth. [the] consent of Mrs. Hogarth, by Henry Parker, at No. 82 in Cornhill, March 25, 1768

Catalog Record 

Hogarth 768.03.25.02+ Box 210

Acquired December 2019

The brickdust man

see description below“Portrait of unknown tradesman standing half-length to front, head slightly to right, eyes to front; carrying bag over his right shoulder, staff in his left hand, and wearing cap.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Watson, James, 1740-1790, printmaker.
  • Title: The brickdust man [graphic] / Nathl. Hone pinxt. ; Jas. Watson fecit.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed for Henry Parker & Elizth. Bakewell, opposite Birchin Lane in Cornhill, London, [between 1755 and 1790]

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755.00.00.26+ Impression 3

Acquired June 2019

Inventaire après le déced de Sieur Jacques-Mathurin Du Verger … à Chartres …

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An detailed inventory by a professional scribe of the estate of cloth merchant Jacques-Mathurin Du Verger in the city of Chartres.

  • Title: Inventaire après le déced de Sieur Jacques-Mathurin Du Verger, ancien marchand à Chartres, 1786 July 17.

Catalog record

LWL Mss Vol. 203

Acquired November 2012