Collection of broadsides about the Tottenham Park Association

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collection comprising eighteen broadsides that trace the initial proposal, founding and development of the Tottenham Park Association. Most of the notices offer rewards for the recovery of stolen property, such as livestock, a set of curtains, a gate and a fence, apprehending offenders and removing “gipsies or other vagrants from the parishes.” The other broadsides relate to the governance of the association.


  • Creator: Tottenham Park Association.
  • Title:Collection of broadsides about the Tottenham Park Association : printed text.
  • Publication: Marlborough, England, 1819.

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A harlot’s progress. Plate IV

description belowA copy in reverse of William Hogarth’s Plate 4 of A harlot’s progress: A scene in Bridewell prison with Moll Hackabout and the other inmates beating hemp under the supervision of a stern warder holding a cane. Moll is still dressed in her finery, but a one-eyed female attendant fingers the lace lappet hanging from her cap and her serving-woman sits before her in Moll’s elegant shoes; next to her a fellow inmate picks vermin off her clothes. Next to Moll is a gambler, a torn playing card on the floor in front of him; behind her, a man stands with his hands in a pillory on which hangs a sign “Better to Work than Stand thus.” Further down the wall is a whipping post with the words “The Wages of Idleness.” On a shudder against the back wall is an effigy of Sir John Gonson (“Sr. J G”).

  • Title: A harlot’s progress. Plate IV [graphic] : In Bridewell beating hemp = Dans la maison de correction a battre le chanvre / invented & painted by Wm. Hogarth.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [not before 25 March 1768]

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Ruin’d at a gaming table

description belowCopy (not reversed) of the first state of Plate 6th of Hogarth’s ‘The Rake’s Progress’ (Paulson 137): Interior of a gambling house in Covent Garden where Tom has fallen, raving, on one knee having lost his money at dice; behind him a chaotic group of gamblers, most of whom fail to notice that flames and smoke are pouring over the panelling and through the door (left); to right, a highwayman (a gun and mask in his pocket) sits beside the hearth ignoring a small boy who offers him a drink, on the wall is a handbill advertising “R. Tustian Card Maker” — British Museum online catalogue. On the lower left, a man is entering a note of a loan to Lord Cogg for £500. A dog with a color “Covent Gar[den]” barks at Tom.

  • Title: Ruin’d at a gaming table [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Publish’d wth. [the] consent of Mrs. Hogarth, by Henry Parker, at No. 82 in Cornhill, March 25, 1768.

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The life, history and tryal of Harry Smythee, Esq.

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  • Author: Clark, Jeremiah, active 1741.
  • Title: The life, history and tryal of Harry Smythee, Esq. : who was try’d at the Lent Assizes held for the county of Dorset, 1741; and convicted for the murder of his sweet-heart Jane Mew, that was with child by him; whom he had deluded under the pretences of courtship, and promises of marriage. Containing, I. How he was entertain’d at her father’s house … VII. His tryal … IX. His last dying speech … XII. With the reverend Mr. Clark’s remarks on the whole. … This book is recommended by the Rev. Jeremiah Clark, D.D. to the perusal of young people, and more particularly the fair sex …
  • Publication: London: : Printed by H. Goreham in Fleet-Street; and sold by T. Cooper in Paternoster-Row, [1741?]

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Dancing bear

Nine small scenes, arranged in three rows, showing people and animals engaged in various activities.

  • Title: Dancing bear [graphic] ; Don Quixote & Sancho ; Paul Puff & Jerry Sneak ; Farmer & pig ; Ballad singers ; Pompey the Little ; Dancing dogs ; A robber ; Astronomers.
  • Publication: [Alnwick] : Printed and published by W. Davison, Alnwick, [between 1812 and 1817]

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The new Newgate calendar

see description belowWith engraved plates showing prisons, executions, portraits, trial at the Sessions House, Old Bailey, crimes on land and at sea. Directions to binder at end of volume 3.
Contents continues: … mutineers, coiners, highwaymen, footpads, housebreakers, rioters, extortioners, sharpers, forgers, pickpockets, fraudulent bankrupts, money-droppers, imposters, and thieves of every description. Containing also a number of interesting cases never before published; with occasional essays on crimes and punishments, original anecdotes, and observations on particular cases; explanations of the criminal laws, the speeches, confessions, and last exclamations of sufferers, to which is added, a correct account of the various modes of punishment of criminals in different parts of the world.

  • Author: Knapp, Andrew.
  • Title: The new Newgate calendar : being interesting memoirs of notorious characters, who have been convicted of outrages on the laws of England, during the seventeenth century, brought down to the present time. Chronologically arranged. Comprising traitors, murderers, incendiaries, ravishers, pirates … / by Andrew Knapp and William Baldwin, attornies at law.
  • Publication: London : Printed and published by J. Robins and Co., Ivy-Lane, Paternoster-Row, [1820?]

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John Sheppard

read description belowPortrait of John Sheppard, highwayman and thief, seated three-quarter length in prison cell with hands in chains, head turned to right, towards window; wearing plain coat and necktie, his hair cut short; lettered state with Latin verses.

  • Printmaker: White, George, approximately 1684-1732, printmaker, publisher.
  • Title: John Sheppard [graphic] / J. Thornhill Eques delin. ; G. White fecit.
  • Edition: [State 5].
  • Publication: [London] : Sold by T. Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard, J. Bowles against Stocks Market, & Geo. White in Hart Street between [the] Church & Bloomsbury Markt, [ca. 1724]

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John Bellingham

Three-quarter length portrait of Bellingham standing in profile to the left, holding an open letter.

  • TitleJohn Bellingham [graphic] : taken at the Sessions House, Old Bailey, May 15th, 1812.
  • Publication[Dublin] : Pub. by McCleary, 32 Nassau St., [not before 16 May 1812]

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The dying speech and confession, life, character, and behaviour of the unfortunate malefactors


Report on the crimes and execution of Thomas Riley, Samuel Warner, John Davis, and William Chatwin.

  •  Title: The dying speech and confession, life, character, and behaviour of the unfortunate malefactors executed this day before the debtors door, Newgate.
  • Published: [London] : Printed and sold in Long-Lane, West Smithfield, [179-?]

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Last dying speech…of the unfortunate malefactors

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An account of the execution of nine criminals on 1 December 1785: James Nesbitt, John Isaacs, George Manning alias Francis Hill, Michael Smith, William Powley, William Vandeput, Daniel East, James Beaman, and Francis Storer. The description of the crimes of each individual is followed by a moral in verse.

  • Title: Last dying speech and confession, life, character, and behaviour of the unfortunate malefactors, executed this day before the Debtors Door, Newgate : with a copy of the letter which Mr. Francis Storer sent to his wife and the verses which Mr. Vandeput wrote in his cell the night before he suffered.
  • Published: [London] : Printed and sold in Long-Lane, West Smithfield, [1785?]

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