At the Academy, No. 8 Soho Square, London

trade card

  • Author: Soho Academy (London, England)
  • Title: At the Academy, No. 8 Soho Square, London, young gentlemen are bearded & taught the English, French, Latin & Greek languages, writing, arithmetic, geography, book-keeping, and the mathematics, at 2 guineas entrance & 28 guineas a year …
  • Publication: [London] : [Soho Academy], [approximately 1800]

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File 659 805 So682

Acquired May 2020

Thomas Hewerdine, oil and colour-man

printed text

Includes a printed list of paints and oils, as well as other chandlery goods including preserved goods, grocery stores and other materials of use on board.


  • Title: Thomas Hewerdine, oil and colour-man, at the sign of the Colour-Grinder, the corner of Barnaby-Street, in Tooley Street, Southwark, London; Sells all sorts of colours ready prepared (at the lowest prices) for house or ship painting; that any gentlemen builders, &c. may set their servants to work, at an easy expence, by the help of a printed direction, he gives with his colours.
  • Publication: [Southwark, London] : [Thomas Hewerdine], [1765]

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File 66 765 T454

Acquired January 2021

Mrs. Edwards, Paragon, Black Heath

description below

Date based on the February 1813 lease to Mrs. Rebecca Edwards of No. 12 ‘The Paragon’ Blackheath, which appears to have been acquired to open her school for ladies.
Engraved throughout; with greek-key and hatchwork border.
Text continues with itemized price list for “The elements of astronomy and geography scientifically”, “Music”, “Drawing”, and “Writing”, followed by the statement “Latin, Greek and Italian by respectable masters”.


  • Title: Mrs. Edwards, Paragon, Black Heath. Ladies instructed in the useful attainments and elegant accomplishments. General tuition and French grammatically, forty five guineas per annum. Entrance three guineas …
  • Publication: [London] : [Mrs. Edwards], [1813]

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File 659 813 M939

Acquired May 2020

To the worthy and independent electors of Westminster

description belowA Westminster election handbill.


  • Author: Townshend, John, Lord.
  • Title: To the worthy and independent electors of Westminster. Gentlemen, I beg leave to return you my best thanks …
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1788]

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File 646 788 T753

Acquired March 2020

An exact representation of toupies

description belowA print with 16 numbered oval images, four rows of four images, showing women hairstyles and hairpieces decorated with ribbons and lace.

  • Title: An exact representation of toupies [sic] on a new construction, and other kinds of false hair, made by J. Pyke, no. 24 Milk Street, Cheapside, London [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [J. Pyke], [between 1760 and 1770?]

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Acquired November 2019

Tomkin’s Picture Lottery

  • Author: Tomkin’s Picture Lottery.
  • Title: Tomkin’s Picture Lottery. : One half of the tickets are printed in black, and the other half in red ink; and the drawing is so arranged, that one colour must be all prizes, and the other collour all blanks; so that the purchaser of a red ticket and a black ticket is sure to gain a prize. Tickets three guineas each, to be had at the exhibition, Nos. 53 and 54, New Bond-Street, (where the prizes are exhibited gratis,) and at all the lottery offices. Schedule of the prizes. …
  • Publication: [London, England] : [publisher not identified], [1821]

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File 66 821 T658

Acquired October 2019