Articles of association


Proposal for rules and regulations for a yearly subscription, at the cost of two shillings and sixpence, for the tenants of Sir George Pauncefote-Bromley, 2nd Baronet, to the ‘Association for the Prosecution of Felons, & &’, by which the subscribers ‘shall keep an accurate account of the Ages, Colours, and Marks of Cattle, the particulars of his Stock, and other Goods … Any person guilty of committing Felony upon the property of any Servants of the Subscriber, shall be prosecuted at the expense of the Society.’


  • Title: Articles of association, entered into July 1st, 1803, by the tenants of Sir George Pauncefote, Bart. and by several Gentlemen, farmers, and others, of the County of Nottingham, for the prosecution of persons guilty of committing felony, or any other depredation against the properties of the subscribers in the said county.
  • Publication: Newark [England] : Hage, printer, [1803]

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The new and complete Newgate calendar

8 volume set of books

  • Author: Jackson, William, active 1795, author.
  • Title: The new and complete Newgate calendar : or, Malefactor’s universal register : containing, new and authentic accounts of all the lives, adventures, exploits and last dying-speeches, confessions, (as well as letters to their relatives, never before published) of the most notorious criminals, and the violators of laws of their country (of both sexes and denominations), who have suffered death and other exemplary punishments … from the year 1700, to the present time : the whole properly arranged from the records of the courts / by William Jackson.
  • Edition: A new edition with great additions, illustrated with elegant copper plates.
  • Publication: London : Printed for Alexander Hogg & Co., Paternoster Row, and G. Offor, and Sons, Tower Hill, 1818.

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William MacMurdo Duncan Scrapbook

printed text - further description below

A scrapbook seemingly begun by William McMurdo Duncan in the 1790s, based on the earliest manuscript entry entitled “Books Belonging to William McMurdo Duncan 10th Feby. 1799” with later additions perhaps made by other members of his family, as the names of William’s wife Marianne and his daughter Helen are inscribed on the front endpaper. The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings and broadsides relating to the city of Liverpool; shipping and naval news; the Napoleonic Wars; reports of the royal families of England and France; local news stories tending to reports of dramatic accidents and crimes, including reports of the abuse of servants and presumanbly enslaved girls. Also included are two manuscript poems (1816) and a manuscript list of books. Also included is a printed form, completed in manuscript, from New College Manchester, dated “May 1st, 1797”, for a Norwegian student, “Mr. Kield Moestre” (1776-1805), which gives his grades for two months (“March & April”) of lectures in the subjects of languages, mathematics, and natural philosophy. A page from the Observer (no. 1249) from 29 October 1815 includes a large woodcut “Island of Saint Helena” with “A descriptive sketch of the Island of Saint Helena”. Clippings from a column “Cabinet”. Laid in the front are over two dozen clippings from the column “Cabinet” that provide spiritual advice about conduct of life and marriage and other religious topics dated from the 1830s.

  • Creator: Duncan, William MacMurdo, 1772-1853.
  • Title: William MacMurdo Duncan Scrapbook : printed text and manuscript.
  • Production: Liverpool?, England, circa 1795-1816.

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LWL Mss vol. 270

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A treatise on the functions and duties of a constable

  • Author: Colquhoun, Patrick, 1745-1820, author.
  • Title: treatise on the functions and duties of a constable : containing details and observations interesting to the public, as they relate to the corruption of morals, and the protection of the peaceful subject against penal and criminal offences / by P. Colquhoun, Esq., LL. D.
  • Publication: London : Printed by W. Bulmer and Co., Cleveland-Row, St. James’s; for J. Mawman in the Poultry, and J. Hatchard, Piccadilly, 1803.

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The new Newgate calendar

see description belowWith engraved plates showing prisons, executions, portraits, trial at the Sessions House, Old Bailey, crimes on land and at sea. Directions to binder at end of volume 3.
Contents continues: … mutineers, coiners, highwaymen, footpads, housebreakers, rioters, extortioners, sharpers, forgers, pickpockets, fraudulent bankrupts, money-droppers, imposters, and thieves of every description. Containing also a number of interesting cases never before published; with occasional essays on crimes and punishments, original anecdotes, and observations on particular cases; explanations of the criminal laws, the speeches, confessions, and last exclamations of sufferers, to which is added, a correct account of the various modes of punishment of criminals in different parts of the world.

  • Author: Knapp, Andrew.
  • Title: The new Newgate calendar : being interesting memoirs of notorious characters, who have been convicted of outrages on the laws of England, during the seventeenth century, brought down to the present time. Chronologically arranged. Comprising traitors, murderers, incendiaries, ravishers, pirates … / by Andrew Knapp and William Baldwin, attornies at law.
  • Publication: London : Printed and published by J. Robins and Co., Ivy-Lane, Paternoster-Row, [1820?]

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The dying speech and confession, life, character, and behaviour of the unfortunate malefactors


Report on the crimes and execution of Thomas Riley, Samuel Warner, John Davis, and William Chatwin.

  •  Title: The dying speech and confession, life, character, and behaviour of the unfortunate malefactors executed this day before the debtors door, Newgate.
  • Published: [London] : Printed and sold in Long-Lane, West Smithfield, [179-?]

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Last dying speech…of the unfortunate malefactors

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An account of the execution of nine criminals on 1 December 1785: James Nesbitt, John Isaacs, George Manning alias Francis Hill, Michael Smith, William Powley, William Vandeput, Daniel East, James Beaman, and Francis Storer. The description of the crimes of each individual is followed by a moral in verse.

  • Title: Last dying speech and confession, life, character, and behaviour of the unfortunate malefactors, executed this day before the Debtors Door, Newgate : with a copy of the letter which Mr. Francis Storer sent to his wife and the verses which Mr. Vandeput wrote in his cell the night before he suffered.
  • Published: [London] : Printed and sold in Long-Lane, West Smithfield, [1785?]

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The dying speech and confession life, character, and behaviour, of the unfortunate malefactors…

The dying speech...

David Clarey was hanged for setting fire to his house in order to collect the insurance. William James alias Levi was hanged for high treason, specifically for “counterfeiting the silver coin of the realm.” Jeremiah Grace also hanged for coining. John Gilbetson was hanged for housebreaking. Margaret Sullivan, accomplice of Jermiah Grace, was hanged and then burned at the stake for her part in a counterfeiting scheme.

  • Title: The dying speech and confession life, character, and behaviour, of the unfortunate malefactors, executed this day before the debtors door, Newgate.
  • Published: [London] : Printed and sold in Long-Lane, West-Smithfield, [179-?].

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Acquired April, 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.