The new and complete Newgate calendar

8 volume set of books

  • Author: Jackson, William, active 1795, author.
  • Title: The new and complete Newgate calendar : or, Malefactor’s universal register : containing, new and authentic accounts of all the lives, adventures, exploits and last dying-speeches, confessions, (as well as letters to their relatives, never before published) of the most notorious criminals, and the violators of laws of their country (of both sexes and denominations), who have suffered death and other exemplary punishments … from the year 1700, to the present time : the whole properly arranged from the records of the courts / by William Jackson.
  • Edition: A new edition with great additions, illustrated with elegant copper plates.
  • Publication: London : Printed for Alexander Hogg & Co., Paternoster Row, and G. Offor, and Sons, Tower Hill, 1818.

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description below

Bird’s eye view of the inner courts towards the south; elegantly dressed figures stroll around courtyards, with the burial grounds in the distance.

  • Printmaker: Nicholls, Sutton, printmaker.
  • Title: Bridewel [graphic] / Sutton Nicholls delin. et sculp.
  • Publication: [London] : Sold by John Bowles, prints and map seller over against Stocks Market, [ca. 1720]

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Execution at Horsemonger-lane Jail

description below

  • Title: Execution at Horsemonger-lane Jail, Monday, April 11, 1836, [of] Wm. Harley for the Chipstead burglary …
  • Published: [London] : Printed by Taylor, 14 Waterloo-road, near the Victoria Theatre, Lambeth, [1836]

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A harlot’s progress. Plate IV

description belowA copy in reverse of William Hogarth’s Plate 4 of A harlot’s progress: A scene in Bridewell prison with Moll Hackabout and the other inmates beating hemp under the supervision of a stern warder holding a cane. Moll is still dressed in her finery, but a one-eyed female attendant fingers the lace lappet hanging from her cap and her serving-woman sits before her in Moll’s elegant shoes; next to her a fellow inmate picks vermin off her clothes. Next to Moll is a gambler, a torn playing card on the floor in front of him; behind her, a man stands with his hands in a pillory on which hangs a sign “Better to Work than Stand thus.” Further down the wall is a whipping post with the words “The Wages of Idleness.” On a shudder against the back wall is an effigy of Sir John Gonson (“Sr. J G”).

  • Title: A harlot’s progress. Plate IV [graphic] : In Bridewell beating hemp = Dans la maison de correction a battre le chanvre / invented & painted by Wm. Hogarth.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [not before 25 March 1768]

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Jack Shepherd drawn from [the] life

description belowView of the interior of the cell on the left: Portrait of John (‘Jack’) Sheppard, whole length, seated on a chair in prison cell at Newgate, with hands and feet in chains, shackled to the floor, leaning to left, looking up at sunlight streaming through the window at right; wearing hat, jacket, waistcoat, breeches, stockings and buckled shoes, cloak or blanket over chair back and on floor; broken chimney where he escaped at top left. On the right, eleven images showing details of John (‘Jack’) Sheppard’s escape from prison on 15 October 1724, including the locks, bolts and doors he broke open, the hole he made in the chimney, and climbing over the outer walls of Newgate prison.

  • Title: Jack Shepherd drawn from [the] life [graphic] ; An exact representation of [the] holes Shepherd made in [the] chimney and of [the] locks bolts & doors he broke open in makeing his wonderfull escape out of Newgate, Oct. [the] 15th, 1724, between 4 in [the] afternoon & 1 in [the] morng.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed for and sold by T. Bowles, print seller next the Chapter House in St. Pauls Ch. Yard & J. Bowles, print seller over against Stocks Market, [1724?]

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The new Newgate calendar

see description belowWith engraved plates showing prisons, executions, portraits, trial at the Sessions House, Old Bailey, crimes on land and at sea. Directions to binder at end of volume 3.
Contents continues: … mutineers, coiners, highwaymen, footpads, housebreakers, rioters, extortioners, sharpers, forgers, pickpockets, fraudulent bankrupts, money-droppers, imposters, and thieves of every description. Containing also a number of interesting cases never before published; with occasional essays on crimes and punishments, original anecdotes, and observations on particular cases; explanations of the criminal laws, the speeches, confessions, and last exclamations of sufferers, to which is added, a correct account of the various modes of punishment of criminals in different parts of the world.

  • Author: Knapp, Andrew.
  • Title: The new Newgate calendar : being interesting memoirs of notorious characters, who have been convicted of outrages on the laws of England, during the seventeenth century, brought down to the present time. Chronologically arranged. Comprising traitors, murderers, incendiaries, ravishers, pirates … / by Andrew Knapp and William Baldwin, attornies at law.
  • Publication: London : Printed and published by J. Robins and Co., Ivy-Lane, Paternoster-Row, [1820?]

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John Sheppard

read description belowPortrait of John Sheppard, highwayman and thief, seated three-quarter length in prison cell with hands in chains, head turned to right, towards window; wearing plain coat and necktie, his hair cut short; lettered state with Latin verses.

  • Printmaker: White, George, approximately 1684-1732, printmaker, publisher.
  • Title: John Sheppard [graphic] / J. Thornhill Eques delin. ; G. White fecit.
  • Edition: [State 5].
  • Publication: [London] : Sold by T. Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard, J. Bowles against Stocks Market, & Geo. White in Hart Street between [the] Church & Bloomsbury Markt, [ca. 1724]

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The stage medley

“Satire on the popularity of the Beggar’s Opera in the form of a medley print.”

  • Title: The stage medley [graphic] : representing the polite tast [sic] of the Town & the matchless merits of Poet G- Polly Peachum and Captn. Macheath.
  • Edition: [Second state].
  • Published: [England] : [publisher not identified], [April 1728]

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Observations on penal jurisprudence, and the reformation of criminals


  • AuthorRoscoe, William, 1753-1831
  • TitleObservations on penal jurisprudence, and the reformation of criminals : with an appendix; containing the latest reports of the state-prisons or penitentiaries of Philadelphia, New-York, and Massachusetts; and other documents / by William Roscoe.
  • PublishedLondon : Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand, and John and Arthur Arch, Cornhill, 1819.

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