Articles of association


Proposal for rules and regulations for a yearly subscription, at the cost of two shillings and sixpence, for the tenants of Sir George Pauncefote-Bromley, 2nd Baronet, to the ‘Association for the Prosecution of Felons, & &’, by which the subscribers ‘shall keep an accurate account of the Ages, Colours, and Marks of Cattle, the particulars of his Stock, and other Goods … Any person guilty of committing Felony upon the property of any Servants of the Subscriber, shall be prosecuted at the expense of the Society.’


  • Title: Articles of association, entered into July 1st, 1803, by the tenants of Sir George Pauncefote, Bart. and by several Gentlemen, farmers, and others, of the County of Nottingham, for the prosecution of persons guilty of committing felony, or any other depredation against the properties of the subscribers in the said county.
  • Publication: Newark [England] : Hage, printer, [1803]

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