A view of the Great Cohoes Falls, on the Mohawk River

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“View of a cascade, with figures on a fallen tree in the left foreground, the river beyond. 1761, probably a later re-publication.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Elliot, William, 1727-1766, printmaker.
  • Title: A view of the Great Cohoes Falls, on the Mohawk River [graphic] : the fall about seventy feet, the river near a quarter of a mile broad = Vue de la Grande Cataracte de Cohoes, sur la Riviere des Mohawks : la hateur est l’environ 70 pieds, 1 sa riviere a pres l’un quart de mile de large / sketch’d on the spot by His Excellency Governor Pownal ; painted by Paul Sandby, & engraved by Wm. Elliot.
  • Publication: London : Printed for John Bowles at No. 13 in Cornhill, Robert Sayer at No. 53 in Fleet Street, Thos. Jefferys the corner of St. Martins Lane in the Strand, Carington Bowles at No. 69 in St. Pauls Chruch Yard, and Henry Parker at No. 82 in Cornhill, [between 1768 and 1771]

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Acquired April 2023

A catalogue of maps, prints, copy-books

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“Title page to catalogue of John Bowles, printer and printseller, at the Black Horse, Cornhill, London; text in rectangle at the centre, with naval scene showing two ships on the sea below; behind the text a map, a letter to Mr John Bowles, a landscape and a study of eyes.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Clark, John, 1688-1736, printmaker.
  • Title: A catalogue of maps, prints, copy-books, &c. from off copper-plates, printed for John Bowles, at the Black-Horse in Cornhill, London [graphic] : where merchants, gentlemen, city and country shop-keepers, and chapmen may be furnished with the newest and best variety, at the lowest prices / Baston delin. ; J. Clark sculp.
  • Publication: [London] : [John Bowles], [ca. 1733]

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File 66 733 C593

Acquired November 2021

View of the Twickenham bank of the Thames

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A view from Richmond of the Twickenham bank of the Thames, showing (left to right) Pope’s villa, Lady Ferrers’ summer house, Cross Deep, and Dr. Batty’s house (later Poulett Lodge).

  • Creator: Heckel, Augustin, approximately 1690-1770, artist.
  • Title: [View of the Twickenham bank of the Thames] [art original].
  • Production: [England], [ca. 1750]

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Drawings H448 no.1

Acquired February 2022

Proof sheets of illustrations for publications…

drawings of a variety of animals, see description belowA collection of 24 proof sheets, mostly eight images per sheet, surrounded by typographic border. The images range from individual animals, such as sloth, sheep dog, ass, lion and tiger, to small country scenes by Bewick or in his style, to battledowrs and chapbook illustrations from Robin Hood to Blue Beard. Also included are satirical prints such as Bewick’s ‘Clown’s Visit to the Moon’, or Davison’s publication on local history.


  • Title: [Proof sheets of illustrations for publications by William Davison of Alnwick] [graphic].
  • Publication: [Alnwick] : Published by W. Davison, Bondgate Street, Alnwick, [between 1820 and 1840]

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75 D285 820

Acquired July 2020

[Nine untitled views]

Nine views, arranged in three rows with three each, showing castles and fortifications, houses, bridges over rivers, and harbor.

  • Title: [Nine untitled views] [graphic].
  • Publication: [Alnwick] : Printed and published by W. Davison, Alnwick, [between 1812 and 1817]

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Acquired September 2019

Le souvenir, or, Pocket tablet for MDCCCVIII

pocket diary beginning with frontispiece (recto blank) and 40 engraved unnumbered pages with two vignettes (many signed Landseer sc.) at the top of both of the two pages for each month, followed by 12 pages engraved at the top “Cash Account 1808” and followed by a page with the heading “Annual account, 1808”.

  • Title: Le souvenir, or, Pocket tablet for MDCCCVIII.
  • Publication: London : Peacock & Sons & Champante & Whitrow ; Birmingham : Knott & Lloyd, [1808]

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145 So729 1808

Acquired June 2019

Soixante et dix estampes…

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE: Soixante et dix estampes qui imitent les desseins lwlacq00029 lwlacq00030

Etchings after works by: And. Mantegna, Benvenuto da Garofalo, Raffael d’Urb. Polodoro da Caravaggio, Gio. da Udine, Fran. Parmeggiano, Papin, Campagniola, Luca Cangiasio, Aug. Carracci, Ann. Carracci, Guercino, Nic. Poussin, Claudio Gillee, Rembrandt, G.F. Bolognese, Romanelle, Giacomo Cortesi detto il Borgognone, Salvator Rosa, W. Vander Veld, Carlo Marratti, and G.P. Panini.

  • Creator: Pond, Arthur, 1701-1758, printmaker.
  • Title: Soixante et dix estampes qui imitent les desseins / gravees par Mess. Pond et Knapton d’apres les tableaux originaux des maitres cy-dessous denommes.
  • Published:[London] : Publie par Jean Boydell, graveur, rue de Cheapside, a Londres, [between 1734 and 1747?]

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Folio 724 734P