A catalogue of maps, prints, copy-books

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“Title page to catalogue of John Bowles, printer and printseller, at the Black Horse, Cornhill, London; text in rectangle at the centre, with naval scene showing two ships on the sea below; behind the text a map, a letter to Mr John Bowles, a landscape and a study of eyes.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Clark, John, 1688-1736, printmaker.
  • Title: A catalogue of maps, prints, copy-books, &c. from off copper-plates, printed for John Bowles, at the Black-Horse in Cornhill, London [graphic] : where merchants, gentlemen, city and country shop-keepers, and chapmen may be furnished with the newest and best variety, at the lowest prices / Baston delin. ; J. Clark sculp.
  • Publication: [London] : [John Bowles], [ca. 1733]

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File 66 733 C593

Acquired November 2021

Arrival of the flotilla of Admiral Howe

description belowUnsigned; attributed to Rowlandson.
Inscribed on verso: Names of the Ships taken by Lord Howe on 1st of June 1794, and brought into Portsmouth Harbour; Sans Pareille 84 Guns, L’America 74, Limpetue 84, Northumberland 84, Achille 76, La Vengeur 74.


  • Artist: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, artist.
  • Title: [Arrival of the flotilla of Admiral Howe into Portsmouth Harbour on 1 June 1794] [art original].
  • Production: [England], [1794]

Catalog Record

Drawings R79 no. 17 Box 2

Acquired August 2020

To the Honble. Augustus John Hervey

“Moro fortress under bombardment from three warships; return fire landing wide.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Canot, Pierre Charles, 1710-1777, printmaker.
  • Title: To the Honble. Augustus John Hervey, Captain in His Majesty’s Navy, Coll. of Marines & one of the Gentlemen of His Majesty’s Bed Chamber; this perspective view of His Majesty’s Ship Dragon commanded by him, Cambridge Wm. Godfrey Esq. & Marlborough Thos. Burnett Esq. attacking [the] Moro July 1, 1762 [graphic] : also shewing the distance the Sterling Castle Capt. Campbell (who was appointed to lead the van of this squadron) was during the attack, likewise shewing the land attack; is most humbly inscribed by … P.O.R. Sbridge / Serres pinxit ; Canot sculpsit.
  • Publication: [London] : [J. Bowles?], [ca. 1762]

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Drawer 762.00.00.52

Acquired June 2019

To Mariot Arbuthnot Esqr.

see description belowA view of Havana harbor, with the HMS Orford at anchor, centre, other warships lying heads to sea; cannon and provisions being manhandled ashore. The beach is filled with troops and tents.

  • Printmaker: Mason, James, approximately 1723-1805, printmaker.
  • Title: To Mariot Arbuthnot Esqr., Commander of His Majesty’s Ship of War Orford, at the reduction of the Havannah in the year 1762, this perspective view of landing the cannon, bombs, provisions, and water, for the army, June 30th between 6 and 7, in the evening [graphic] : the Orford making signals to the Commodore; with the Dragon, Cambridge, & Marlboroough, lying with their heads to the sea, for the Sterling Castle, to get to the westward of them : is most humbly inscribed by one of his lieutenants … P.O.R. Sbridge / Serres pinxt. ; Mason sculpt.
  • Publication: [London] : [J. Bowles?], [ca. 1762]

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Drawer 762.00.00.54+

Acquired June 2019