VI drawings by H.W. Burgess

An album of seven pencil sketches, mounted with a neat ink borders. beginning with a title page, a view in a grove with trees and with two figures (one seated and pointing, the other with a portfolio under his arm) in conversation and a rock, the face of which is inscribed with the album title. The six drawings folllowing are romanticised topographical subjects including castles, gates, and ecclesiastical buildings, in ruins, enveloped in trees and foliage, from the vantage point of a river or allong the roadside.

  • Creator: Burgess, Henry William, approximately 1792-1844, artist.
  • Title: VI drawings by H.W. Burgess [graphic] : presented to his much esteemed pupil Miss Bell.
  • Production: [England], 1817.

Catalog Record

Folio 633 817 B955

Acquired October 2019

Godissart de Cari’s Souvenirs de l’Angleterre

Cover of sketchbook

An album of twenty watercolors recording the 1826 journey to England by members of the French Delahaye family. Gaudissart, a family friend of the Delahaye clan, traveled with them from their home in Pierrefitte, near Saint-Denis, recording the sights they saw across The Channel.
With a 16-page letter dated 1826, written in French, addressed by L. Delahaye to her friend Alexandrine upon the Delahayes’ return from England. The letter recounts the family’s journey in great detail from start to finish, and includes several mentions of the (lively) participation of Gaudissart. Also included is a single leaf written ca. 1850 describing the genesis of the album and brief biographical sketch of Gaudissart de Cari.

  • Artist: Cari, Godissart de, -1848, artist.
  • Title: Godissart de Cari’s Souvenirs de l’Angleterre, with a letter from Madame Delahaye, 1826, 1850.

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Acquired March 2019

Soixante et dix estampes…

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE: Soixante et dix estampes qui imitent les desseins lwlacq00029 lwlacq00030

Etchings after works by: And. Mantegna, Benvenuto da Garofalo, Raffael d’Urb. Polodoro da Caravaggio, Gio. da Udine, Fran. Parmeggiano, Papin, Campagniola, Luca Cangiasio, Aug. Carracci, Ann. Carracci, Guercino, Nic. Poussin, Claudio Gillee, Rembrandt, G.F. Bolognese, Romanelle, Giacomo Cortesi detto il Borgognone, Salvator Rosa, W. Vander Veld, Carlo Marratti, and G.P. Panini.

  • Creator:┬áPond, Arthur, 1701-1758, printmaker.
  • Title: Soixante et dix estampes qui imitent les desseins / gravees par Mess. Pond et Knapton d’apres les tableaux originaux des maitres cy-dessous denommes.
  • Published:[London] : Publie par Jean Boydell, graveur, rue de Cheapside, a Londres, [between 1734 and 1747?]

Catalog record

Folio 724 734P