A sketch of the interior view of the House of Lords

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Illustration of the interior of the House of Lords during the trial of Queen Caroline, consort of George IV. Seated around a table in the center are the Queen, the Judges, the Bishops, the Lord Chancellor, the Attorney General (Sir R. Gifford), the Solicitor General (Mr. Serj’t. Copley), and Mr. Gurney, the short-hand writer; standing in the foreground are Mr. Maule, Solicitor to the Treasury, Theodore Majocchi, first witness against Her Majesty, and the Marquis of Spinette, interpreter. Mr. Brougham, Attorney General to Her Majesty, Mr. Denman, Solicitor General to Her Majesty, and Dr. Lushington sit on the Queen’s left. Supporters of the Treasury fill the gallery on one side of the room and supporters of the Opposition fill the gallery opposite. An empty throne occupies the center space in the background.


  • Printmaker: Roberts, Robert, active 1820s, printmaker.
  • Title: A sketch of the interior view of the House of Lords, representing the trial of her majesty Queen Caroline [graphic] / drawn by Cruikshanks ; etched by Roberts.
  • Publication: [London] : Published Octr. 1st, 1820, by H. Rowe, 2 Amen Corner, [1 October 1820]

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The sixth day of the trial of the late Queen Caroline

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“The interior of the House of Lords, crowded with nobles in the benches and galleries on either side, attending the trial of Queen Caroline for adultery with Pergami, her Italian secretary; George IV stands, hands on hips, in the left gallery, the editors of the Times and Courier lean over the front bench below it, Robert Gifford, attorney general, stands in front of them holding a finger to his chin thoughtfully while Spinetti interprets for a witness, Majocchi, at the bar, behind which Tyrwhitt, Long and Castlereagh, sit sifting papers to the left of the Queen’s solicitor and Denman, who takes a paper from Henry Brougham, the Queen sits to the right in front of the bar, Earl Grey stands in the right aisle, pointing with his right arm towards the witness, and the artist is shown standing with a folio under his arm on the far right.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Hayter, George, Sir, 1792-1871, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: The sixth day of the trial of the late Queen Caroline in the House of Lords, August the twenty third, 1820 [graphic] / GHayter invt., pinxit, et incidit, 1823.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1823]

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James Macleane, the gentleman highwayman at the bar

description below“A broadside on the trial of the robber James Maclaine; with an etching showing the interior of a court room, the judges seated on the left, Maclaine standing on the right, in the middle background a lady standing, giving evidence in his favour; and with engraved title and letterpress text giving an account of the trial in three columns.”–British Museum online catalogue.


  • Author: Maclaine, James, 1724-1750.
  • Title: James Macleane, the gentleman highwayman at the bar.
  • Published: [London] : Printed for T. Fox in the Old Baily. Publishd according to Act of Parliament Sept 29, 1750.

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A faithful representation of the trial ….

“A realistic view of the House receding in perspective to the Throne, above which is inset an oval bust portrait of Bartolomo Bergami, wearing a cluster of five decorations, see British Museum Satires no. 13810. Some figures and objects have numbers referring to notes in the lower margin. Counsel are in a line across the foreground on each side of the centre figures, who are Gurney the short-hand writer and Majocchi facing the interpreter. The Queen is inconspicuously seated behind Brougham, next a smaller lady who must be the tall Lady Anne Hamilton. Eldon is at the Table in front of the Woolsack. On the Table is 13 Green Bag [see British Museum Satires no. 13735].”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • TitleA faithful representation of the trial of Her Most Gracious Majesty Caroline Queen of England, in the House of Lords, 1820 [graphic].
  • Publication[London] : [publisher not identified], [ca. November 1820]

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John Bellingham

Three-quarter length portrait of Bellingham standing in profile to the left, holding an open letter.

  • TitleJohn Bellingham [graphic] : taken at the Sessions House, Old Bailey, May 15th, 1812.
  • Publication[Dublin] : Pub. by McCleary, 32 Nassau St., [not before 16 May 1812]

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