Trial and execution of these unhappy young men

printed text

A crudely printed broadside with numerous typographical errors, the text in three columns.
With woodcut illustration at top illustrating the scene of the execution: a crowd watching four men hang from the gallows.


  • Title: Trial and execution of these unhappy young men : who was [sic] executed at the Old Bailey this morning.
  • Publication: [London] : Bishop, printer, 14 Shorts Gardens, Drury Lane, [1830]

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Acquired November 2022

The remarkable case of William Bower of York

printed text

  • Author: Bower, William, of York.
  • Title: The remarkable case of William Bower of York, convicted for the robbery of Mr. Levit Harris then a school-boy at Scorton near Richmond, now a commoner of Exeter College in Oxford : containing a summary of the trial, and a full relation of the discovery since made by one Taylor alias Robinson, supported by affidavits of persons of incontestable credit : together with a few brief remarks on George Gardner’s information, and several other proofs of Mr. Harris’s : to which is added an appendix, concerning some affidavits, said to be obtain’d by Mr. Harris or his friends, tending to prove Taylor at Darlington, when he confess’d himself robbing Mr. Harris on Hessey-moor.
  • Publication: York : Printed and sold by John Jackson, in Grape-Lane, 1744.

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Acquired March 2021

James Macleane, the gentleman highwayman at the bar

description below“A broadside on the trial of the robber James Maclaine; with an etching showing the interior of a court room, the judges seated on the left, Maclaine standing on the right, in the middle background a lady standing, giving evidence in his favour; and with engraved title and letterpress text giving an account of the trial in three columns.”–British Museum online catalogue.


  • Author: Maclaine, James, 1724-1750.
  • Title: James Macleane, the gentleman highwayman at the bar.
  • Published: [London] : Printed for T. Fox in the Old Baily. Publishd according to Act of Parliament Sept 29, 1750.

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Acquired May 2020

A true and particular account of the trial and execution of James O’Neil

newspaper article

  • Title: A true and particular account of the trial and execution of James O’Neil, : who was hanged on Newcastle Town Moor on Saturday the 7th. of September, 1816, for highway robbery, and an attempt to murder.
  • Publication: Newcastle : Marshall, printer, [1816]

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The trial of the notorious highwayman Richard Turpin

see description below

  • Author: TurpinRichard, 1706-1739, defendant.
  • Title: The trial of the notorious highwayman Richard Turpin, at York assizes, on the 22d day of March, 1739, before the Hon. Sir William Chapple, kt., judge of assize, and one of His Majesty’s justices of the Court of King’s bench : taken down in court by Mr. Thomas Kyll … : to which is prefixed an exact account of the said Turpin, from his first coming into Yorkshire to the time of his being committed prisoner to York castle, communicated by Mr. Appleton of Beverly … : with a copy of a letter which Turpin received from his father, while under sentence of death : to which is added, his behaviour at the place of execution, on Saturday the 7th of April, 1739 : together with the whole confession he made to the hangman at the gallows …
  • Edition: The fourth ed. To which is prefix’d a large and genuine history of the life of Turpin …
  • Published: York : Printed by Ward and Chandler booksellers, at their Printing-Office in Coney-Street; and sold at their shop without Temple-Bar, London, 1739.

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