A sketch of the interior view of the House of Lords

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Illustration of the interior of the House of Lords during the trial of Queen Caroline, consort of George IV. Seated around a table in the center are the Queen, the Judges, the Bishops, the Lord Chancellor, the Attorney General (Sir R. Gifford), the Solicitor General (Mr. Serj’t. Copley), and Mr. Gurney, the short-hand writer; standing in the foreground are Mr. Maule, Solicitor to the Treasury, Theodore Majocchi, first witness against Her Majesty, and the Marquis of Spinette, interpreter. Mr. Brougham, Attorney General to Her Majesty, Mr. Denman, Solicitor General to Her Majesty, and Dr. Lushington sit on the Queen’s left. Supporters of the Treasury fill the gallery on one side of the room and supporters of the Opposition fill the gallery opposite. An empty throne occupies the center space in the background.


  • Printmaker: Roberts, Robert, active 1820s, printmaker.
  • Title: A sketch of the interior view of the House of Lords, representing the trial of her majesty Queen Caroline [graphic] / drawn by Cruikshanks ; etched by Roberts.
  • Publication: [London] : Published Octr. 1st, 1820, by H. Rowe, 2 Amen Corner, [1 October 1820]

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The funeral procession of the rump

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  • Printmaker: Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: The funeral procession of the rump [graphic] / G. Cruikshank invt. et fect.
  • Publication: [London] : Pubd. March 22d, 1819, by G. Humphrey, 27 St. James’s St., London, [22 March 1819]

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Drawer 819.03.22.03

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The matrimonial mania

see description belowThe marriages of the Dukes of Clarence, Kent and Cambridge were hastened by the death of Princess Charlotte, and the image reflects the debates of April 15 and 16, 1818, on a provision for the dukes on their marriages. The Duke of Cumberland was included in the financial arrangements.

  • Printmaker: Williams, Charles, active 1797-1830, printmaker.
  • Title: The matrimonial mania, or, Poor Jonny ridden to death [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Pubd. April 1818 by S.W. Fores, No. 50 Piccadilly, [April 1818]

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