They took her away

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A young woman presumably a prostitute, bare breasted and with a dejected look on her face, is being led up the steps of a building by a beadle or constable, her head bowed in shame. Her infant has been left in the arms of an older woman, stands at the base of the stairs on the right. Another, older child, seated on a lower step in the foreground, looks up at the scene. The building has barred windows.

  • Artist: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, artist.
  • Title: [They took her away] [art original] / T. Rowlandson.
  • Production: [England], [late 18th century?]

Catalog Record

Drawings R79 no. 23 Box D207

Acquired June 2023

Installation of a Knight Companion of the Bath

Princess Caroline sits in an ornate oval bath

“Princess Caroline (left) sits in an ornate oval bath in a small boarded room. Bergami stands in the bath (right), draping himself in a towel from the waist down, and splashing water at his companion, who extends her arms towards him, with an encouraging smile. A man and woman, evidently Majocchi and Demont, peep from behind the door (right). On the bath is a Maltese cross (see British Museum Satires No. 13810), placed hatchment-wise between supporters, the Lion and Unicorn, who lie with closed and averted eyes. The Princess’s feathered hat and the miniature of Bergami (cf. British Museum Satires No. 14103) hang on the wall (left). Beside her on a camp-stool are a bottle of ‘Brandy’ [see British Museum Satires No. 14175] and a decanter of ‘Essence of Bergami’. His postilion’s boots and cap are on the floor.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Lane, Theodore, 1800-1828, printmaker.
  • Title: Installation of a Knight Companion of the Bath [graphic].
  • Publication: London : Published by G. Humphrey, 27 St. James’s St., June 1, 1821.

Catalog Record


Acquired March 2019