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Sensory Physiology strikes again! Now with 80 kids from around New Haven. Committed to nurturing the next generation of scientists!

Outreach to West Hartford high schoolers

A wonderful outreach session to West Hartford High schoolers.

Thank you, Sarah, for your efforts in promoting science to high school kids!


Outreach Summer 2022

We just finished two incredible weeks of outreach! Two groups of New Haven school students came to Slav and Elena Labs’ own Sensory Physiology Club to learn how we smell, taste, hear, touch and see.

Sensory Physiology Club – Zoom edition 2021

Sensory Physiology Club strikes again! We’ve had a wonderful week teaching sensory physiology to a new class of science-hungry students from New Haven schools.

Sensory Physiology Club – Zoom edition 2020

This year our Sensory Physiology Club went online. We taught physiology to a group of wonderful students from Greater New Haven school. An unforgettable week!

Watch the video! Starring uber-scientists from Slav and Elena Labs at Yale!

Sarah and Elena and putting together outreach kits to be sent to each student.A Zoom proprioception test – the first of its kind.Viktor’s lecture on the sense of touch.Going though key scientific concepts.Sarah’s lab tour: calcium imaging experiment!Marco explain the two-plate preference test for temperature sensitivitySarah’s lecture on the sense of smell.Jenny’s lecture on the sense of taste.A wonderful group of science hungry students – THANK YOU!Bonus: the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Sensory Physiology Club 2019

We’ve had a wonderful week with New Haven school students!Yury tried some miracle fruit. Now he can’t have enough of them lemons!Sensory Physiology Club teaches you how to eat lemons and more!

Sensory Physiology Club with New Haven schools

24 students from  from New Haven schools came to Yale today to hear about science at our Sensory Physiology Club!

Sensory Physiology Club goes international

We’ve had a wonderful outreach session for 29 students from Yale Global Scholar program!

Sensory Physiology Club

We’ve had a wonderful week of lectures and experiments with students from Greater New Haven schools!

Now you can now watch lectures from this course on the sense of taste and smell on our SensoryPhysiologyClub channel.

We’ve launched Sensory Physiology Club in July of 2014. Since then, we’ve taught over 600 hundreds of kids!

Sensory Physiology Club: Brain Day 2018

77 kids from New Haven schools came to Yale today to hear about science at our Sensory Physiology Club!

Today’s topic was the sense of touch. Thanks to Viktor, Sarah, Evan and Jon for making it possible!

Sensory Physiology Club

Viktor’s lecture on the sense of touch from our 5-day course on sensory physiology for mid- and high-school students.

More Sensory Physiology Club videos.

Sensory Physiology Club

2015-07-12 Postcard_frontA five-day Sensory Physiology Club for a group of kids from the Greater New Haven area.


2016-04-13 OutreachAnother great outreach session. This time we had three groups of amazingly smart kids from a New York school.

Sensory Physiology Club: Neuroday

Another great science outreach session with three groups of kids from Amity High School. Thanks to Willem, Lydia, Vanessa and Evan.Print

Sensory Physiology Club

Five more lectures to a new group of science-hungry kids.

2015-07-21 Postcard_front2015-07-24 thank you poster

Sensory Physiology Club

Five days of lectures to a group of wonderful kinds!

2015-07-14 Postcard_front

Sensory Physiology Club / Brain Day

The Slav and Elena Labs’s own Sensory Physiology Club was proud to take part in the Yale Pathways to Neuroscience Brain Education Day.

2015-03-14 Brain Day 12015-03-14 Brain Day 22015-03-14 Brain Day 32015-03-14 Brain Day 42015-03-14 Brain Day 52015-03-14 Postcard_BRAIN DAY Group 1 2015-03-14 Postcard_BRAIN DAY Group 2 2015-03-14 Postcard_BRAIN DAY Group 3Thank you Lydia, Evan, Willem and Karen!

Sensory Physiology Club

2014-07-25 Postcard

Sensory Physiology Club


We have launched the Sensory Physiology Club – a new initiative from the Slav and Elena Labs to promote education among the school kids of the Grater New Haven area. This summer, we are proud to be a part of the Yale SCHOLAR program.

2014-07-08 outreach 2

Willem is trying to convince the schoolkids that being a graduate student in the Slav and Elena Labs is the best thing ever.

2014-07-08 outreach 3

Evan talks brains.

2014-07-08 outreach 5

Elena and Willem are totally into Evan’s lecture.

2014-07-08 outreach 4

Evan discovers his sensitivity threshold in the two-point discrimination test. Maggie operates the caliper.

2014-07-08 outreach 7

Cockroach electrophysiology rig with the specimen attached. Note the Faraday cage…

2014-07-08 outreach 8

The setup in action.

2014-07-08 outreach 6

Special thanks to Lynda Blancato and Maria Parente for making this possible!.

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