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Collaborative projects between Slav Bagriantsev and Elena Gracheva Laboratories at Yale University

Category: Lab-hosted seminar

Jason Gallant’s seminar

Stephen Waxman’s seminar

Michael Caterina’s seminar


Emily Liman’s seminar

The Sackler Lecture: David Julius

2016-05-02 David JuliusA tour de force lecture by David Julius!

Ardem Patapoutian’s seminar

2016-04-18 Ardem Patapoutian Flyer

A great seminar by Ardem Patapoutian!

Martin Chalfie lecture

2016-03-10 Chalfie flyerA great Nahum Lecture by Martin Chalfie – hosted by Slav and Elena’s labs.

Jeff Holt seminar

2015-10-29 Jeff Holt seminarThank you for the wonderful seminar, Jeff!

Polina Lishko seminar

2015-09-24 Lishko CMP FlyerA great start for this year’s Physiology Seminar series!

Mark Hoon seminar

2015-04-16 Mark HoonAnother great seminar hosted by the Slav and Elena Labs. Thank you, Mark!

Carl Hopkins seminar

2015-04-02 Carl HopkinsIt was a real treat to host Carl. As always—we invite best scientists!

Ken Catania seminar

2015-03-26 Ken CataniaThank you for the amazing seminar, Ken!

Cheryl Stucky seminar

Cheryl Stucky CMP FlyerAs always—we host best scientists!

Joshua Rosenthal seminar

Joshua Rosenthal flyerAs always—we invite best scientists!

Paul Garrity seminar

Paul Garrity has given the second seminar in this year’s series.

Garrity CMP FlyerWe invite best scientists!

Ellen Lumpkin seminar

Ellen has opened the 2014-15 seminar series in the department.

Lumpkin CMP FlyerWe invite best researchers!


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