We have launched the Sensory Physiology Club – a new initiative from the Slav and Elena Labs to promote education among the school kids of the Grater New Haven area. This summer, we are proud to be a part of the Yale SCHOLAR program.

2014-07-08 outreach 2

Willem is trying to convince the schoolkids that being a graduate student in the Slav and Elena Labs is the best thing ever.

2014-07-08 outreach 3

Evan talks brains.

2014-07-08 outreach 5

Elena and Willem are totally into Evan’s lecture.

2014-07-08 outreach 4

Evan discovers his sensitivity threshold in the two-point discrimination test. Maggie operates the caliper.

2014-07-08 outreach 7

Cockroach electrophysiology rig with the specimen attached. Note the Faraday cage…

2014-07-08 outreach 8

The setup in action.

2014-07-08 outreach 6

Special thanks to Lynda Blancato and Maria Parente for making this possible!.