Slav and Elena Labs at Yale

Collaborative projects between Slav Bagriantsev and Elena Gracheva Laboratories at Yale University

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After almost 12 years at Yale, Slav and Elena are promoted to Full Professors!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2024 Year!

We’re 10 years old

The Bagriantsev and Gracheva Labs at Yale were launched on this day 10 years ago. And so was this website.


We’re 9 years old!

cartoon by Ke Tan

We’re 8 years old!

We’re 7 years old!

We’re 6 years old!


We’re 5 years old!

We’re 4 years old!


We’re 3 years old!


We’re 2 years old!

2014-09-01 Slav ElenaWoods Hole, MA

We’re 1 year old!

09-01-13 Lab 1 yr old

09-01-13 Lab 1 yr old_2

09-01-13 Lab 1 yr old_3

The labs: extended edition.

lab 1 yr extendedAt Slav and Elena’s. Guilford, CT

Slav Lab, Elena Lab launched

Sept 1, 2012 – The start of the Slav and Elena Labs at Yale. Each lab is now just one person. Moving in!

lab start 3

lab start 1

lab start 2

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