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Collaborative projects between Slav Bagriantsev and Elena Gracheva Laboratories at Yale University

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Sima joins Slav’s lab

Serafima (Sima) Ardasheva joins Slav’s lab as a visiting undergrad from Temple University. Welcome!

Kamila joins Elena’s lab

Kamila Kemenyfy-Rojas from INP joins Elena’s lab as a PhD student. Welcome!

Dharani joins Slav/Elena labs

Dharani Sree Ravi joins both labs as a Postgraduate Trainee. Welcome!


Deidre joins Elena’s lab

Deidre Thompson from M2P2 joins Elena’s lab as a new PhD student. Welcome!

Akitoshi joins Slav’s lab

Akitoshi Chikamoto is a new postdoc in Slav’s lab.


Shade joins Elena’s lab

Shade Eleazer (INP) joins Elena’s lab as a PhD student.


Amit joins Elena’s lab

Amit Rana joins Elena’s group. Welcome!

Sam and Sam join the labs

Sam Bae joins (for the second time!) Slav’s lab for a summer project, and Sam Levchenko joins Elena’s.


Sam BaeSam Levchenko

Lorraine joins Slav’s lab

Lorraine Hillgen from Choate Rosemary Hall joins Slav’s group for a summer project.


Emily Joins Elena’s lab

Emily Gu is a now a High School Intern in Elena’s lab. Welcome Emily!

Ben Bae joins Slav and Elena labs

Ben Bae is a Visiting Undergraduate Trainee in both labs.

Welcome Ben!

Jiawen joins Elena’s group

Jiawen Zhang joins Elena’s laboratory! Welcome!

Sam Bae joins Slav’s lab

Sam joins Slav’s lab for a summer project. Welcome!

Joanna joins Elena’s lab

Joanna Haoran Cao, a PhD student from the Neuroscience track, joins Elena’s lab. Welcome!

Maryann Platt joins Elena’s lab

Maryann Platt is a new postdoc in Elena’s lab. Welcome!

Rebecca joins the labs

Rebecca Greenberg (INP track) is now a PhD student in Elena’s and Slav’s labs!


Ke joins Slav’s lab

Ke Tan, a PhD student  from the Neuroscience track joins Slav’s lab.

Welcome Ke!

David joins Slav’s lab

Welcome to David, a new postdoc in Slav’s lab!

Mai joins Slav’s lab

Mai Oda is a new postdoc in Slav’s lab! Welcome Mai!

Luke joins Slav’s lab

Luke Ziolkowski, a new PhD student (Neuroscience track) joins Slav’s lab.

Welcome Luke!

Rafael joins Elena’s lab

Rafael, a new PhD student (Molecular Physiology track) joins Elena’s lab. Welcome!

Nicole joins Elena’s lab

Nicole Tang starts a summer project in Elena’s lab. Welcome!

Maya joins Slav’s lab

Maya Lewis-Hayre joins Slav’s lab for a summer project. Welcome!

Tom McCabe joins Slav’s lab

Tom McCabe is now a Postgraduate trainee in Slav’s lab.

Welcome, Tom!

Maddy joins Elena’s lab

Maddy Junkins (Yale INP) joins Elena’s lab!

Welcome, Maddy!

Lyle Murphy joins Elena’s lab

Lyle Murthy joins Elena’s groups as a Research Assistant. Welcome Lyle!

Yury Nikolaev joins Slav’s lab

Yury Nikolaev is now a postdoc in Slav’s lab

Welcome, Yury!

Summer students join the Labs

Jordan Olivieri and Vanessa Zhang join our groups for the summer. Welcome!

Sarah joins Elena’s lab

Sarah Mohr (Yale INP) is now a PhD student in Elena’s lab.Welcome, Sarah!

Wang Zheng joins Slav’s lab

Welcome, Wang!

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