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Haoran wins Physiology Bake-Off

Congrats to Haoran, whose cheesecake won the coveted 2024 Physiology Bake-Off Grand Prix by a landslide!!!


Marco is a 2020 bake-off champion!

Marco is a winner of the 2019 Physiology bake-off championship!

Our earlier wins: Lydia 2017, Marco 2015.

We’re 7 years old!

Winter party at Slav and Elena’s

Winter party!

Slav’s lab (find Evan)Elena’s lab

The Sensory Physiology Labs at Yale!

Lydia is the Bake-off Champion

Physiology 1st Annual Bake-off Championship!Amidst the cakes (find Evan)The winning cake!And the winner is – Lydia!This win adds to our collection of bake-off trophies (Marco won a CNNR bake-off in 2015)


Jon, Jenny, Lydia.

Italian party at Slav and Elena’s

Marco is giving a pizza master class2016-12-03-italian-party

Summer Party at Slav and Elena’s

2016-07-02 Summer PartySlav Lab, Elena Lab (extended edition).

Happy Hour – Ground Squirrel Day!

2016-01-29 Happy Hour

Winter party at Slav and Elena’s

2016-01-16 Winter Party 12016-01-16 Winter Party 2Slav and Elena Labs: core set and extended edition.

Marco wins Bake-off Grand Prix

2015-12-11 Bake-off_1The Grand Prix for the annual CNNR bake-off goes to Marco!

2015-12-11 Bake-off_2Marco and his trophy. Find Evan.

Another cryptic puzzle

This is one of the photos from the summer party at Slav and Elena’s (the rest are classified). Find Evan.

2015-07-11 Jon Evan Eve

Happy Hour!

We’ve hosted the best ever Happy Hour in the Department!


Summer Party at Slav and Elena’s

2014-06-28 party at slav-elena2014-06-28 party at slav-elena_22014-06-28 party at slav-elena_3


Winter party at Slav and Elena’s



Winter_party_2dining… – Elena, more Bordeaux please! 


Winter_party_4some are dancing… It’s a zebra dance… Don’t ask….


We’re 1 year old!

09-01-13 Lab 1 yr old

09-01-13 Lab 1 yr old_2

09-01-13 Lab 1 yr old_3

The labs: extended edition.

lab 1 yr extendedAt Slav and Elena’s. Guilford, CT

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