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Collaborative projects between Slav Bagriantsev and Elena Gracheva Laboratories at Yale University

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Artwork by Ke Tan


Slav and Elena officially receive tenure!

Ed Young visits the labs

Ed Young, a prominent science journalist and author, visited the labs today. It was great chatting with you, Ed – thanks for your interest! We look forward to reading your new books and articles!

Art in the lab

Art can be inspiring, motivational and more. Maddy and Sarah draw their everyday inspiration and motivation in part from Squirrel Triptych – an original art by Oleg Grachov, now displayed in Elena’s lab.


Eve leaves the lab to start her own

Another bittersweet news this year. Eve Schneider, the first postdoc in Slav’s lab, leaves the lab to become an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at University of Kentucky.Good luck, Professor Schneider!

Lydia leaves the lab to start a postdoc

Lydia is leaving Elena’s lab to become a postdoc in the amazing lab of Dan Tracey.

Good luck, Dr. Hoffstaetter!

Gracheva Lab moves to SHM

Elena’ lab has moved to a new home in Sterling Hall of Medicine.

Under construction.

Brand new benches!Moving in (find Evan).

Welcome to the new home of the Gracheva Lab!


Jon, Jenny, Lydia.

We’re 2 years old!

2014-09-01 Slav ElenaWoods Hole, MA

Moving to a new space

Slav’s lab is now moving to the fully renovated new space at SHM B133.

A new space for Slav’s lab

A new space for Slav’s lab at SHM B133 is now fully renovated. The lab layout was custom designed together with Yale architects to accomodate office and bench spaces, three independent light-controlled spaces for electrophysiology and microscopy rigs, a chemical hood, and a bunch of equipment. Thank you Joe, Dave and Michael! We’ll move in on 2/28.

Slav Lab, Elena Lab launched

Sept 1, 2012 – The start of the Slav and Elena Labs at Yale. Each lab is now just one person. Moving in!

lab start 3

lab start 1

lab start 2

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