Slav, Elena, Lydia and Evan volunteered to host science-hungry kids at the Yale Pathways to Science orientation session. We met wonderful people and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We also took a few pictures so that we now can play a very interesting intellectual game—find Evan.

The game is essentially a cryptic puzzle. It stimulates cognitive arousal,  potentiates watchfulness and wariness, and battles ignorance and neglect. The game can be played individually, or by two people against one another, or even by teams. Here it is.

Level 0 (practice): Where is Evan? Hint: Evan is not Elena or Lydia.

2014-09-21 Outreach Elena Evan Lydia

Level 1: Beginner. Where is Evan?

2014-09-21 Outreach 1

Level 2: Intermediate. Where is Evan?

2014-09-21 Outreach 2

Level 3: Insane. Where is Evan?

2014-09-21 Outreach 3

We play only the best games.