Paul preaching to the Britons

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A fire-and-brimstone preacher haranguing an unhappy-looking audience. An assistant holds up a parasol to shelter him.

  • Title: Paul preaching to the Britons [graphic].
  • Publication: [London?] : [publisher not identified], [approximately 1808?]

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Acquired September 2023

Now that I have illustrated my three pints…

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“A fat bottle-nosed parson preaches from the upper story of a three-decker pulpit. Below him a lean curate sleeps, spectacles on forehead. A lank-haired rubicund clerk listens alertly. At the base of the design are the heads of a congregation, asleep, except for a flirting couple.”–British Museum online catalogue.


  • Printmaker: Heath, William, 1795-1840, printmaker.
  • Title: Now that I have illustrated my three pints, I shall proceed to draw some more ale!! [graphic] / J. ; W.H. fecit.
  • Publication: [London] : Pub. May 12, 1823, by G. Humphrey, 24 St. James’s St. & 74 New Bond St., [12 May 1823]

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Acquired November 2020

Enthusiasm displayed

Enthusiasm displayed

A Methodist preacher preaching to an open-air congregation with a cloth in one hand, two women preparing to steal a pair of shoes in the midst of the crowd, various people looking on including an apple seller with a cart, two Jews, fashionable ladies and gentlemen, and a group of boys with a guy formed of a chimney brush, an inn to the right and the Palladian facade of St. Luke’s Hospital beyond.

  • Printmaker: Pranker, Robert, printmaker.
  • Title: Enthusiasm displayed [graphic] / John Griffiths pinxit ; Robt. Pranker sculpt.
  • Publication: [London] : Published according to act of Parliament, & sold by the proprietor John Griffiths, Chief Porter of the Middle Temple, opposite the General Post Office, Middle Temple Lane, & the print shops &c., [1765]

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Acquired April 2019

The sleepy congregation

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A view of the interior of a church where the congregation (right) sleeps as the clergyman in his pulpit reads from the gospel; he uses a magnifying glass to read the text; an hour glass extends from the side of the pulpit. Below the clergyman sits the clerk who holds his eyeglasses in his hand and eyes the exposed bosom of a young woman asleep on the left rather than the volume before him. The young woman’s holds in her hands a fan and book open to the word “matrimony”. Above the stained-glass windows a cupid hovers with his bow.

  • Title: The sleepy congregation [graphic] = La congregation tout endormi / W. Hogarth pinxt. et sculpt.
  • Created: [Paris?] : [s.n.], [1790s?]

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Hogarth 790.00.00.02

Acquired April 2013