Private view : Monday, June 23d, 1828

printed card

  • Creator: National Repository (London, England)
  • Title: Private view : Monday, June 23d, 1828.
  • Publication: [London] : Howlett and Brimmer, printers in gold to the Society of Arts, Frith Street, Soho, [1828]

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You are desired to accompany the Society of Painters

An invitation to accompany the Society of Painters at St Lukes Feast on Thursday 24 November, 1687 in Painter Stayner’s Hall; with a cartouche illustrated with an allegory of the arts with painting in the center, with winged Fame holding a laurel crown In the top corners are emblems of painting and architecture and on the bottom, drawing (disegno) and sculpture as a putto.

  • Author: Worshipful Company of Painters.
  • Title: You are desired to accompany the Society of Painters [blank] of [the] clock in Painter Stayners Hall where you shall be entertain’d by us [blank] [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [ca. 1687]

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In commemoration of the centenary of the birthday of Roscoe

An invitation to an 1853 event, the Roscoe Centenary Festival, sponsored by the city of Liverpool in honor of William Roscoe, Liverpool banker, poet, writer and collector, among the founders of the Liverpool Society for the Encouragement of the Arts of Painting and Design and Whig MP for Liverpool; also first president of the Liverpool Royal Institution. Opponent of the slave trade, he published several pamphlets on the subject and was elected on an anti-slavery platform. After retiring in 1796, he studied botany and opened the Liverpool Botanic Garden in 1802. The invitation shows classical figures representing his many gifts, surrounding a ship, representing his business interests.

  • TitleIn commemoration of the centenary of the birthday of Roscoe [graphic] / Mayer inv. ; Worrall lith.
  • Publication[Liverpool] : [publisher not identified], [1853]

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To the natives of the parish of St Giles’s..

lwlpr32591 (602x1024)

An invitation to the ancient ceremony of beating the bounds, with a large view of St. Giles’s from the south (figures include a strolling couple, a playing boy, and a cripple with his dog) and a vignette of the church. The form has blanks left for the signatures of the stewards as well as the date (day, month, and the two numbers for the decade) and place of dining to be written in by hand.

  • AuthorSaint Giles without Cripplegate Parish Church (London, England)
  • TitleTo the natives of the parish of St Giles’s Cripplegate, London … [graphic] / J. Sturt sc.
  • Publication[London : The Church stewards, ca. 1756]

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