The Graces they were culling posies…

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“Three grotesquely ugly old maids stoop delightedly over a Cupid who sleeps against a rose-bush, arrow in hand, his unstrung bow beside him. On the back of one sits an ape; a lap-dog is beside her. A parrot sits on the bonnet of another, the third kneels. On a mound (right) a cock stands crowing: ‘Cock a doodle doo.'”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878, printmaker.
  • Title: The Graces they were culling posies and found young love among the roses [graphic].
  • Publication: [London?] : [publisher not identified], [between 1817 and 1819?]

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Acquired September 2023

Arise, and take the young child

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“The Holy Family resting during the Flight into Egypt; St Joseph standing beside the donkey, drawing his cloak around him, the Virgin laying the infant Jesus on a rock, holding the edge of His garment in right hand, gesturing with the other, two cherubs standing together and watching to left.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Walker, James, approximately 1748-approximately 1822, printmaker, publisher.
  • Title: Vostavʺ poimi otrocha i materʹ ego, i bi︠e︡zhi vo Egipetʺ [graphic] = Arise, and take the young child, and his mother, and flee into Egypt / painted by Murillo ; Jas. Walker Engrr. to her I.M. and memr. of the Impl. Acady. of Arts St. Petersburg fecit.
    Воставъ поими отроча и матерь его, и бѣжи во Египетъ [graphic] = Arise, and take the young child, and his mother, and flee into Egypt / painted by Murillo ; Jas. Walker Engrr. to her I.M. and memr. of the Impl. Acady. of Arts St. Petersburg fecit.
  • Publication: [London] : Publish’d Jany. 1, 1792, as the act directs by Jas. Walker; St. Petersburg : W. Hodges, Queen Street, May Fair and R. Blamire, Strand, London, [1 January 1792]

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Acquired April 2022

You are desired to accompany the Society of Painters

An invitation to accompany the Society of Painters at St Lukes Feast on Thursday 24 November, 1687 in Painter Stayner’s Hall; with a cartouche illustrated with an allegory of the arts with painting in the center, with winged Fame holding a laurel crown In the top corners are emblems of painting and architecture and on the bottom, drawing (disegno) and sculpture as a putto.

  • Author: Worshipful Company of Painters.
  • Title: You are desired to accompany the Society of Painters [blank] of [the] clock in Painter Stayners Hall where you shall be entertain’d by us [blank] [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [ca. 1687]

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Acquired September 2019

The ghost of Eustace Budgel Esqr. to the *man in blue

The ghost of Eustace Budgel Esqr. to the *man in blue. Detailed description below

“A broadside satirising Robert Walpole with an etching in two parts. In the left-hand scene Frederick, Prince of Wales, stands with the Duke of Argyll and other gentlemen, pointing to the left where George II embraces Britannia. In the foreground, the grotesque figure of Walpole, wearing a coronet, kneels holding in five hands, bags of French and Spanish gold and another lettered, “I am Lord Corruption”. Behind him stands his daughter, Lady Mary, toying with a coronet. On the ground beside Walpole, the French cock perches on the back of the exhausted Imperial Eagle, but the British lion watching the conflict growls, “Now I’m rousing”. In the background, the white horse of Hanover kicks a man off a high rock; the man cries, “I’m lost”; a ship lies at anchor off Cartagena observed from another high rock to right by Admiral Vernon whose impetus towards the city is restrained by General Wentworth; below these two men sits Admiral Haddock chained to a rock (a reference to the limitation of his resources in dealing with the combined Spanish and French Mediterranean fleets). In the right-hand scene Walpole raises his hands in horror at the appearance in a cloud of smoke of the ghost of Eustace Budgell who holds out a paper described in the verses to left as a “black Account …Full twenty Winters of Misdeeds”; on the table at which Walpole is sitting is a large candlestick and letters addressed “A son Eminence” (Cardinal Fleury) and “à don [Sebastian] de la Quadra” and a book on “The Art of Bribery”. Budgell’s ghost raises his hand above his head to point at a scene of a beheading in the background above which flies Time while Justice sits on a column beside the scaffold and a crowd cheers below; over a doorway to right is a portrait of a Cardinal, presumably intended for Wolsey who is mentioned in the verses on the right. Engraved title and dedication to the Prince of Wales on a cloth above the scene supported by two putti; verses in two columns on either side condemning Walpole for his maladministration and celebrating the new prominence of the Prince of Wales and his followers; lines of music in two columns below the etching.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: The ghost of Eustace Budgel Esqr. to the *man in blue [graphic] : most humbly inscrib’d to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales *see the Chinese Orphan, a tragedy for the reason of this term / designd by N.S. ; engrav’d by G.S.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed for Eliza Haywood at Fame in the Piazza, Covent Garden, and sold by the printsellers and pamphlet shops of London and Westminster, according to act of Parliament, [1742]

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742.00.00.10++ Impression 2

Acquired January 2019

Hospitality kicking avarice out of doors

Hospitality kicking avarice out of doors. Detailed description below.

A caricature of the new Lord Mayor of London: Harvey Combe stands centered in a hall, surrounded by a desperate looking group of people both rich and poor, who kneel and beg. A skeletal man (butcher?) holds a knife in one hand and a scroll in the other inscribed with a large order for meat: “12 haundres venison, 6 necks do., 8 turtles, 20 brace partridges, 20 pheasants, 20 brace woodcocks, 16 sirloins beef”. In the foreground lies another sheet which reads “Tripe Soup. Liver & Crow. Fried Tripe. Bill of Fare for 8 Novr.” The outgoing Lord Mayor, Sir Richard Glyn, who was notoriously spendthrift during his period in office, is seen being kicked out of the Mansion House holding large money bag. The two cats on the left and the dog following the butcher are also thin from malnutrition. Two large spiders have spun large webs below the archway on the left below are two cupids holding a heart molded above the archway.

  • Title: Hospitality kicking avarice out of doors, or, New tenants at a mansion house [graphic].
  • Distribution: [London] : Sold by all the printsellers in London, Novr. 9, 1799.

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Acquired November 2018

Drawing taught by I. Minasi, in the style of F. Bartolozzi R.A

lwlpr33261 (1024x930)

Trade card for the Italian-born printmaker James Anthony Minasi (1776-1865), who was born in Calabria and became a Bartolozzi pupil after coming to England. Illustrated with an angelic winged putto concentratiing on a print book.

  • Printmaker: Bartolozzi, Francesco, 1727-1815, printmaker.
  • TitleDrawing taught by I. Minasi, in the style of F. Bartolozzi R.A., No. 13 Charles Street, Middlesex Hospital [graphic] / F. Bartolozzi fecit 1791.
  • Publication[London : James Minasi?, 1791]

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File 66 791a B28

Acquired October 2015


Gentlemen & ladies pictures drawn at their houses in crayons


An engraved advertisement for artist Squire Morley’s services, decorated with a border in the Late Baroque style with two putti on either side, one holding a portrait, the other sketching, grand staircases and eagle holding the scroll on which the text is engraved.

  • TitleGentlemen & ladies pictures drawn at their houses in crayons, and deliver’d in a handsome frame & glass at half a guinea, by Squire Morley near [the] Brew-Houae in Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, London.
  • Published: [London : Squire Morley, ca. 1770]

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File 66 770 G338

Acquired July 2013