Sensory Physiology Labs at Yale

Collaborative projects between Slav Bagriantsev and Elena Gracheva Laboratories at Yale University

Month: September 2023

Luke’s INP RIP talk

Luke gave an amazing talk at his (last) INP RIP seminar!

Science Advances

Our paper on the structure and functional mechanism in Meissner corpuscle is out in Science Advances!

Nikolaev YA*, Ziolkowski LH*, Pang S, Li W-P, Feketa VV, Xu CS, Gracheva, EO, Bagriantsev SN. 3D architecture and a bi-cellular mechanism of touch detection in mechanosensory corpuscle. Science Advances, 2023, 9:eadi4147.


Rebecca’s INP talk

Rebecca’s nailed her final talk in the INP research-in-progress seminar series! Congrats!

Hibernation Science Workshop 2023

Elena, Slav and Haoran went to University of Alaska Fairbanks to attend the 2023 Hibernation Science Workshop!We met Owen Funk – our first lab alumnus!Slav is drawing “Hibernation”ResultHaoran’s presentationElena’s lectureGearing up to visit the permafrost tunnels!Just outside the tunnels

Akitoshi joins Slav’s lab

Akitoshi Chikamoto is a new postdoc in Slav’s lab.


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