On the death of Her Royal Highness

printed text

Engraved card printed within black mourning border, illustrated above title with an image of Prince Leopold leaning mournfully over his wife Princess Charlotte’s tomb, which is adorned with her portrait and topped with an urn. Sixteen lines of verse are engraved at the bottom.


  • Title: On the death of Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales : who died Novr. 6th, 1817.
  • Publication: [London] : T. Crabb, [1817]

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File 56 C47 817On No.2

Acquired November 2022

The vanity of human life

printed text

Broadsheet: 3 large woodcut blocks illustrations and verses


  • Title: The vanity of human life. : Life and death contrasted, or, An essay on man. Messenger of mortality, or, Death and the lady.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed & sold by J. Catnach, No. 2, Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials, London, [1820s?]

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Acquired November 2022

Funeral procession of Princess Charlotte of Wales

printed text

A memorial to Princess Charlotte of Wales, the overall design being an image of her tomb, including a portrait of the princess and a depiction of her funeral procession directly below. Engraved text within the columns of the tomb provide the details of the procession along with Charlotte’s biography.

  • Title: [Funeral procession of Princess Charlotte of Wales].
  • Publication: [London?] : [publisher not identified], [1817]

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File 56 C47 817Fu

Acquired August 2022


Britannia mourn!

printed music sheet

Song sheet with an etching at top showing Britannia and Prince Leopold mourning at the tomb of Princess Charlotte. Music on two staves with interlinear words. Additional three stanzas in three columns below. Text and music within mourning border.


  • Creator: Keith, Robert William, 1787-1846.
  • Title: Britannia mourn! Elegiac verses on the much lamented death of H.R.H. the Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales, daughter of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, & consort of His Serene Highness the Prince of Coburg, who departed this life Nov. 6, 1817, in the 22nd year of her age / by the Revd. M. Sibley, and set to music by R.W. Keith.
  • Publication: London : Published at No. 91, Aldersgate Street, [1817]

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File 56 C47 817K+

Acquired August 2022


An attempt to exhibit the leading events of the Queen’s life

description below

“Broadside; the text in five columns: small cuts I-X on the left and right, each with an eight-line verse below it; cuts XI and XII above and below the three centre columns. Cut I. The Queen’s arrival in England, and Marriage. The Prince leads her ashore from a small boat. Cut II. Taking farewell of Charlotte [1814]. Mother and daughter weep, turning from each other; the Princess approaches a ship’s boat, Cut III. Her Return–Landing at Dover [June 1820]. She is rowed to shore by two sailors. Cut IV. Her Trial in the House of Lords. A simplified but recognizable view. Cut V. Her Acquittal. She drives in an open carriage past Carlton House. Cut VI. Procession to St. Paul’s. A similar carriage scene with St. Paul’s in the background. Cut VII. The Highlanders’ Address. Highlanders in a carriage with banners (cf. British Museum Satires No. 13934). Cut VIII. Refused Admittance into the Abbey. She gestures at the partly closed door between a sentry and the rejecting doorkeeper. Cut IX. Death-Bed of the Queen. The bed surrounded by weeping mourners. Cut X. Embarkation of Her Body at Harwich. The coffin is swung by tackle into a ship’s boat. Cut XI. The Queen’s Funeral Procession at Brunswick. The coffin, with crown and royal arms, is borne towards a church door (right) where girls scatter flowers. Cut XII. Queen Caroline’s Tomb. Britannia weeps, and her Lion registers anger, beside the tomb of Caroline The Injured Queen of England, topped by a large urn on which is her bust portrait. The text includes the funeral prayer, ‘A Dirge’ and ‘An Elegy . . .’ (28 11.): 11. 7-10: ‘A seperation hardly to be borne, Her only Daughter from her arms was torn! And next discarded–driven from her home, An unprotected Wanderer to roam!’ The verses below Cut XII end: ‘For the King shall be Judg’d with the poor of the earth, And, perhaps the poor man will be greater than he. Until that great day we leave Caroline’s wrongs, Meantime, may, “Repentance” her foes o’ertake; O grant it kind POWER, to whom alone it belongs’ AMEN. Here an end of this Hist’ry we make.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: An attempt to exhibit the leading events of the Queen’s life in cuts and verse.
  • Edition: Twelfth edition.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed and sold wholesale and retail by J. Catnatch, 2, Monmouth Court, 7 Dials, [December 1821]

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File 53 C292 821A++

Acquired November 2021


In a churchyard four young men, one of whom is a boot-black, play a game of hustle-cap on a tomb; a beadle raises his cane to strike them; in the foreground skulls and bones and an open grave; beyond, the congregation enters the church.

  • Title: Idleness [graphic].
  • Publication: [Alnwick] : Printed and published by W. Davison, Alnwick, [between 1812 and 1817]

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Acquired September 2019