The remarkable case of William Bower of York

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  • Author: Bower, William, of York.
  • Title: The remarkable case of William Bower of York, convicted for the robbery of Mr. Levit Harris then a school-boy at Scorton near Richmond, now a commoner of Exeter College in Oxford : containing a summary of the trial, and a full relation of the discovery since made by one Taylor alias Robinson, supported by affidavits of persons of incontestable credit : together with a few brief remarks on George Gardner’s information, and several other proofs of Mr. Harris’s : to which is added an appendix, concerning some affidavits, said to be obtain’d by Mr. Harris or his friends, tending to prove Taylor at Darlington, when he confess’d himself robbing Mr. Harris on Hessey-moor.
  • Publication: York : Printed and sold by John Jackson, in Grape-Lane, 1744.

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Queen Carolines triumph on the defeat

see description belowQueen Caroline is seated in a carriage pulled by two white horses lead by a young page towards the right; she holds a walking-stick in her hand, sceptor-like over her shoulder and wears a fashionable hat and a small smile on her face as she looks out at the viewer. She is accompanied by two men in armor and wearing plummed helmets. The one on the far-side of the carriage holds a sign “The people and the Queens Guards”. Another sign in the background on the right reads “It is better to put your trust in the Lord than confidence in princes.” A crown is shown on the far right.

  • Title: Queen Carolines triumph on the defeat of the Bill of Pains and Penalties, Novr. 10, 1820 [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Publish’d by W.B. Walker, 4 Fox & Knot Court, Cow Lane, London, [not before 10 November 1820]

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Her Majesty Queen Caroline landing at Dover

Queen Caroline walks down a plank balanced between a jolly boat and the shore; she is assisted by her son-in-law Prince Leopald, dressed in black. A cheering crowd stands on the beach, waving their hats in the air, behind an officer who tips his hat at the Queen. Sailors push the boat onto the shingle while a ship called “Prince Leopold” (in reference to her son-in-law) is anchored in the distance.

  • Title: Her Majesty Queen Caroline landing at Dover, on the 5th of June, 1820, after an absence of 5 years, to demand her rights, dignities, & priveleges as Queen of England [graphic] : dedicated to the feelings of the British Nation, by W.B. Walker.
  • Publication: [London] : [W.B. Walker], [not before 5 June 1820]

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The trial at large of Mary Heath on an indictment for perjury

Concerns the perjury trial of Mary Heath, who was employed by Lord Altham, pertaining to whether or not Lady Altham, his wife, bore him a son and test the claim of James Annesley to be the legitimate son of Arthur, Lord Altham.

  • AuthorHeath, Mary, defendant.
  • TitleThe trial at large of Mary Heath on an indictment for perjury at the Court of King’s-Bench in Ireland before the Right Honourable Thomas Marlay, Esq., Lord Chief Justice … on Friday the 8th day of February, in Hillary-Term, 1744 … / by a gentleman of the law.
  • PublishedLondon : Printed for H. Pemberton … and sold by James Roberts …, 1745.

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A full and true account of the surprising trial…

lwlpr32594 (682x1024)

The woodcut shows a man under the guillotine with the executioner’s hand on the rope ready to release the blade.

  • TitleA full and true account of the surprising trial and condemnation of his most Christian Majesty Louis XVI …
  • PublicationNorwich [England : Printed and sold by S. White, 1793]

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