The remarkable case of William Bower of York

printed text

  • Author: Bower, William, of York.
  • Title: The remarkable case of William Bower of York, convicted for the robbery of Mr. Levit Harris then a school-boy at Scorton near Richmond, now a commoner of Exeter College in Oxford : containing a summary of the trial, and a full relation of the discovery since made by one Taylor alias Robinson, supported by affidavits of persons of incontestable credit : together with a few brief remarks on George Gardner’s information, and several other proofs of Mr. Harris’s : to which is added an appendix, concerning some affidavits, said to be obtain’d by Mr. Harris or his friends, tending to prove Taylor at Darlington, when he confess’d himself robbing Mr. Harris on Hessey-moor.
  • Publication: York : Printed and sold by John Jackson, in Grape-Lane, 1744.

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523 B786 744

Acquired March 2021

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