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Click below for information about the following courses I teach / will teach / have recently taught at Yale (in cases where I’ve taught a course multiple times with basically the same syllabus, only the most recent version is listed):

Basic Epistemology Course, Phil. 270/570, Spring 2019
Problem of Evil, Phil. 450/650 / EP&E 478, Fall 2018
Modern Philosophy, Descartes to Kant, Spring 2018
Recent Work and Research in Epistemology, Phil. 717, Spring 2017
Free Will, God, and Evil
(Spring ’16)
Recent Work and Research in Philosophy of Religion (Spring ’16)
Epistemology Courses
Modern Philosophy, Descartes to Kant (Spring ’15)
Problem of Evil (Spring ’15, Spring ’14, and Fall ’08)
First Year Seminar (Fall ’08)
Contextualism in Epistemology – Seminar (Spring ’07)
Hume and Reid (Spring ’07)
Skepticism (Fall ’06)
First-Order Logic (Fall ’05)
Belief in the Existence of God (Fall ’05)
Seminar on Perceiving God (Spring ’05)
Introduction to Philosophy (Fall ’03)
Philosophy of Language Seminar (with Michael Nelson): Pragmatics and Semantics (Spring ’03)
Descartes (Fall ’02)
Philosophy of Religion Seminar  (Fall ’01)
Free Will, God and Evil (Fall ’00)
Berkeley, Hume and Reid (Spring ’00)
DS (Spring ’00)
DS (Spring ’99).

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