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Keith DeRose: Philosophy Papers (and Book Chapters) Available On-Line

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mostly provisional versions
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final, published versions
Horrific Suffering, Divine Hiddenness, and Hell: The Place of Freedom in a World Governed by God
–partial draft of Parts One to Six, 21 April 2024–
work in progress pdf  .
The Incredibility of Free Will Defenses of Hell draft (10/11/2020) of response to David Bentley Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved, meant for a symposium on that book pdf .
Delusions of Knowledge concerning God’s Existence: A Skeptical Look at Religious Experience in Benton, Hawthorne, Rabinowitz, eds., Knowledge, Belief, and God: New Insights in Religious Epistemology (Oxford UP, 2018), pp. 288-301. web page, pdf .
Replies to commentators, from a symposium on The Appearance of Ignorance forthcoming, International Journal for the Study of Skepticism  pdf .
Why Take a Stance on God?
(interview of me by Gary Gutting; placed here, out of chronological order, to pair it with the above paper; that one was aimed primarily at presumed knowledge of God’s existence; this one, at presumed knowledge of God’s non-existence)
in The Stone, the New York Times philosophy blog, 18 September 2014; reprinted with slight revisions as “Religion and Knowledge,” in Gary Gutting, Talking God: Philosophers on Belief (New York: W.W. Norton, 2017), pp. 172-186. web pageword
Contextualism and Fallibilism in J. Ichikawa, ed., The Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Contextualism (2017) pdf .
The Appearance of Ignorance: Knowledge, Skepticism, and Context, Vol. 2
Oxford University Press (UK), 2017 detailed contents and links to drafts of the chapters: here.
KSC2, Chapter 2 + Appendix B combo  pdf .
Conditionals, Literal Content, and ‘DeRose’s Thesis’: A Reply to Barnett Mind, 2012.  pdf Mind.
Replies (to Nagel, Ludlow, and Fantl & McGrath) for PPR Symposium on The Case for Contextualism. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2012 pdf.  Wiley
section of above on “loose usage” PPR 2012 pdf .
Contextualism, Contrastivism, and X-Phi Surveys Philosophical Studies, 2011. pdf. JSTOR, Springer
Insensitivity Is Back, Baby! Philosophical Perspectives, 2010 pdf. Wiley,
The Conditionals of Deliberation^ Mind, 2010 pdf .  JSTOR, Oxford .
The Case for Contextualism: Knowledge, Skepticism, and Context, Vol. 1
——book cover
Oxford University Press, 2009

book and chapter summaries: link.

Ch. 4, “Single Scoreboard Semantics”: pdf .

Ch. 6, “Now You Know It, Now You Don’t” (proofs): pdf .

The Conditionals of Deliberation + Whither Middle Knowledge? — draft (incomplete and very rough in spots) of 1/23/06 Old version.  Much of this paper is now superseded by the above “The Conditionals of Deliberation,” but this has some material on middle knowledge not in the above. pdf
Might God Have Reasons for Not Preventing Evils? — draft of 7/15/05 proposed opening chapter for a book on the problem of evil to be co-written with Derk Pereboom word , pdf
Gradable Adjectives: A Defense of Pluralism^ Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2008 pdf

Taylor & Francis


“Bamboozled by Our Own Words”: Semantic Blindness and Some Objections to Contextualism^ Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2006. word, pdf, JSTOR, Wiley.
The Ordinary Language Basis for Contextualism and the New Invariantism^ The Philosophical Quarterly, 2005 word, pdf, JSTOR, Wiley,
Direct Warrant Realism^ in A. Dole, A. Chignell, ed., God and the Ethics of Belief: New Essays in Philosophy of Religion (Cambridge UP, 2005) wordpdf , pdf ,
The Problem with Subject-Sensitive Invariantism^ Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2004 word, pdf, JSTOR, Wiley.
Single Scoreboard Semantics^ Philosophical Studies, 2004 word, pdf, SpringerLink, JSTOR,
Sosa, Safety, Sensitivity, and Skeptical Hypotheses^ in Greco, ed., Ernest Sosa and His Critics, Blackwell, 2004 word, pdf,
Externalism and Skepticism Unpublished.  Text for a talk given at the UNC-Chapel Hill Philosophy Colloquium on 11 October, 2003 word,
Assertion, Knowledge, and Context^ Philosophical Review, 2002; and The Philosopher’s Annual, vol. 26 word, pdf, pdf, . JSTOR.
Now You Know It, Now You Don’t Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2000); Vol. V, Epistemology link, Philosophy Documentation Center  ,
How Can We Know That We’re Not Brains in Vats? Spindel Supplement to the Southern Journal of Philosophy, 2000. link, Wiley .
Ought We To Follow Our Evidence? Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2000 word, JSTOR.
Can It Be That It Would Have Been Even Though It Might Not Have Been? Philosophical Perspectives, 1999. pdf, . JSTOR; Wiley, Ingenta;
Conditional Assertions and “Bisquit” Conditionals (with Richard E. Grandy) Noûs, 1999. JSTOR; Wiley, Ingenta;
Contextualism: An Explanation and Defense in J. Greco and E. Sosa, ed., The Blackwell Guide to Epistemology, Blackwell Publishers, 1999 word, pdf,
Skepticism: A Contemporary Reader
Oxford University Press, 1999 list of contents, contributors, other info: link
Responding to Skepticism in DeRose and Warfield, ed., Skepticism: A Contemporary Reader, Oxford UP, 1999 link,
Voodoo Epistemology Unpublished.  Text for a talk given at an SCP group meeting attached to the APA meetings, Dec. 27, 1999 link,
Are Christian Beliefs Properly Basic? Unpublished.  Text for a talk given at the 1998 Eastern Division Meetings of the American Philosophical Association link,
Simple Might’s, Indicative Possibilities, and the Open Future The Philosophical Quarterly, 1998. JSTOR; Wiley, Ingenta;
Knowledge, Assertion and Lotteries Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 1996 word, pdf, Informaworld,
Relevant Alternatives and the Content of Knowledge Attributions Philosophy and Phenomonological Research, 1996. JSTOR,
Solving the Skeptical Problem^ Philosophical Review, 1995; and The Philosopher’s Annual, vol. 18. JSTOR,
Contextualism and Knowledge Attributions^ Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1992 JSTOR,
Descartes, Epistemic Principles, Epistemic Circularity, and Scientia Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 1992. link, Wiley ,
Deterrent Threats: What Can Matter Philosophical Studies, 1992 JSTOR; Springer,
Plantinga, Presumption, Possibility, and the Problem of Evil Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 1991 word, JSTOR,
Epistemic Possibilities^ Philosophical Review, 1991 JSTOR,
Knowledge, Epistemic Possibility, and Scepticism UCLA doctoral dissertation, 1990 info, links to chapters: link.
Reid’s Anti-Sensationalism and His Realism Philosophical Review, 1989 JSTOR,
Review of Jason Stanley, Knowledge and Practical Interests Mind, 2007 pdf, Oxford Journals,
Review of Timothy Williamson, Knowledge and Its Limits British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 2002 word, pdf, Oxford Journals,
Review of Avrum Stroll, Moore and Wittgenstein on Certainty Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1998 JSTOR,
Review of William L. Rowe, Thomas Reid on Freedom and Morality Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1993 JSTOR,
Review of Michael Williams, Unnatural Doubts: Epistemological Realism and the Basis of Scepticism Philosophical Review, 1993 JSTOR,
Non-Philosophical (amateur theology):
Universalism and the Bible

Books (Click on pics for better views of the book front covers):


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