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Introduction to Philosophy

Phil. 110: Inroduction to Philosophy

Fall 2003

Keith DeRose,
office hours: Tuesdays, 12:30-1:30; Thursdays 9:30-11:00; 107 CT Hall
Lecture: TuTh, 11:30-11:20; WLH 208
Sections: various times & places (see link below)
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  • Syllabus (book, schedule, reading assignments) <–Revised 11/13: Last reading (Unger) no longer assigned.  Revised 12/4: Final exam room (LC 211) added.
  • Sections: times & rooms

Tu 7:00-7:50 PM, CT 104
Tu 8:00-8:50 PM, CT 104
Th 12:30-1:20, SM B10
Th 1:30-2:20, SM B10

  • Lecture outlines.
  • 9/9 Handouts: Lecture outline [word, html], Postmodernism links.
  • Paper instructions and topics  <– New topics added 10/23
  • JSTOR link to Van Cleve, “Foundationalism, Epistemic Principles, and the Cartesian Circle,” Philosophical Review 88 (1979): 55-91.  Note: It’s Part I (pp. 55-74) of this paper that’s most relevant to the concerns of our class. Not assigned reading; for those who are very interested (and perhaps thinking of writing their paper on the circle).
  • About the Oct. 16 test.
  • First Ontological argument handout.
  • Second Ontological argument handout.
  • Merchant’s Thumb Principle.
  • Final Exam Questions [word, link] <–Revised 12/4 (7:15 PM): Instructions and two new questions added.
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