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The New Christians Blog and Prosblogion

I’ve guest-blogged at Tony Jones’s blog, writing the following:

Pascal’s Wager Meets the Toxin Puzzle  1/11/09
Really Believing in Hell  1/3/09 [on this site: here]
A Toxin Puzzle about Belief  1/1/09
The Toxin Puzzle  1/1/09
No Pragmatic Downside?  12/29/08
The Pragmatics of Belief in Hell  12/29/08

I also blogged at the now defunct Prosblogion; some of my posts:

.P.Z. Myers’s Retaliation  7/15/08
Christians in the World of Professional Philosophy 3/4/09
An Open Letter to the APA   3/8/09
“All”  3/7/11
“Leads to”  3/11/11
Hoping All Will Be Saved, Part 1: Hope Is in the Air  5/6/11
…..The link to the interview with Plantinga does not work.
…..As of 2/2/2020, this link works; talk of universalism starts at around 2:00
Hoping All Will Be Saved, Part 2: Complaints about Some Peculiarities of Smith’s Case Against Hope  5/7/11
Hoping All Will Be Saved, Part 3: Might Even Hope Be Rejected?  5/10/11
Hoping All Will Be Saved, Part 4: Hope and “the Hitler Types”  5/15/11
…..The blog post by Richard Mouw that the above in part responds to: 3/15/11.
Further Chances in C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce 6/23/12
God’s Existence and My Suspicion: Delusions of Knowledge 7/12/13 (this was re-written into a paper, but this post, which turns out to be something of a draft of a paper, is worth linking to, as it contains some discussion in the comments)
Time Will Tell Just Who Has Fell 7/29/13

Not my post, but an interesting old discussion: Alex Pruss: Traditional Commitments about Hell 3/16/11



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