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First-Order Logic

Phil. 115a
Fall 2005
Tu,Th 11:30-12:20, WHC Auditorium
+ section
Prof. Keith DeRose
Office: 410 Connecticut Hall (2-1674)
Office hours: Tuesdays, 12:30-2:00

First homework (due 9/13): word.
handout for 9/8: word.
Second homework (due 9/20): word.
handout for 9/20: pdf.
Third homework (due 9/27): word.
Fourth homework (due 10/4): word.
handout for 9/27: pdf.
handout for 9/29: pdf.
Fifth homework (due 10/11): word.
Sixth homework (due Monday, 10/17): word.
handout for 10/11 (exercise 8.30): pdf.
Midterm Information & Sample Midterm: pdf.
handout for 10/18: word.
Seventh homework (due 11/1): pdf.
Eighth homework (due 11/8) and midterm curve: word.
Ninth homework (due 11/15) and Tenth homework (due 11/29): word.
Final Exam Review & Sample Final (6 pages total): pdf.
handout for 11/29 (corrected for the mistake contained in the version actually handed out): word.

Timothy Williamson’s “Must Do Better” (not required reading for the course, just recommended to the interested): Link (pdf doc.).

Additional help for Philosophy 115 during reading week:
Monday 05 December 12:00-1:30, Karin Fransen, Connecticut Hall, room 106
Tuesday 06 December 10:00-11:30, Larry Jorgensen, Connecticut Hall, room 106
Tuesday 06 December 11:30-12:30, Keith DeRose, Connecticut Hall, room 410
Thursday 08 December 10:00-11:30, Larry Jorgensen, Connecticut Hall, room 106
Thursday 08 December 11:30-12:30, Keith DeRose, Connecticut Hall, room 410
Friday 09 December, 11:30-12:30+, Charles More, Connecticut Hall, room 103

Some Pre-midterm Dates:

  • Friday 10/7: homework 6 available on-line here by noon
  • Tuesday 10/11:
    • homework 5 due by 11:30 AM
    • homework 6 available on paper at lecture
    • practice midterm available at lecture
  • Monday, 10/17: homework 6 due by 11:30 AM
  • Thursday 10/20: Midterm

Attendance at discussion sections will be optional, but all students should sign up for a section anyway, to be assigned a TF for grading purposes.  So sign up for a section before Tuesday so that you can know which TF to turn your first homework in to.  Section sign-up sheets are posted in the hallway of the first floor of Connecticut Hall, just outside of the Philosophy department office (room 108). 

Homework’s due on lecture days will be collected at the start of lecture — Don’t plan on finishing up your assignment during lecture or later in the day.  I will often discuss the homeworks in lecture right after they are collected.  Remember to put your TF’s name on your homework.

New Room: Beginning 9/8, we will meet in the Auditorium of the Whitney Humanities Center (at 53 Wall St., the northwest corner of Wall and Church Streets.)  DIRECTIONS TO THE AUDITORIUM: Enter the WHC door on Wall St., right by the blue sign for the WHC [the door and the sign can both be seen on the picture here].  Go up the 6 steps on your right, into a small open area.  The doors to the auditorium will be to your left.

Notes on homework and on the textbooks:

-No homework will be assigned until students have been assigned to TFs.  But it is advisable to work through the exercises contained in the assigned sections of readings to help you to understand the material.

-It is important to get the book quickly, if you haven’t already done so.  In designing lectures, I assume that you are working through the book, and I do not even seek to explain things in such a way as to make the course understandable to someone not reading and working their way through the book.  Plus, you will need the book package to do the assigned homeworks, once those assignments begin.  If the bookstore (Labyrinth Books, 290 York Street), does run out, you can order the book from, for example, (link) or (link).

-Some homeworks will have to be submitted electronically, so you will need the CD that comes packaged with the book.

-Important Warning about Used Books: In order to be able to submit required homework, you must have your own student ID number, which comes with the book.  So do not buy a used book which has a number that’s already been used.

Karin Fransen
Larry Jorgensen
Charles More

Section times and rooms and TF office hours TBA

Text: Language, Proof, and Logic (2002) by  Barwise and  Etchemendy, which should be available at Labyrinth Books, 290 York Street.  The book comes packaged with a CD you will need to do exercises — many of them required for the course.

Course Goals:
* To learn the language of first-order logic
* To learn natural deductive systems
* To learn the notion of logical consequence

Course Requirements:
* (about) ten sets of homeworks   30%
* one in-class midterm, mid-October, probably Oct. 20  30%
* a cumulative in-class final, Dec. 15, 2:00 PM  40%

Homework Policy:
* No late homework will be accepted.
* If you need help for homeworks, please talk with me or a TA to get help.
* Automatic grading system (You need to know who is your TF.)

Tentative Schedule:

Sept. 1 Intro
Software manual
Sept. 6, 8 1.1-1.4 & 2.2-2.5
Sept. 13, 15 3.1-3.7
Sept. 20, 22 4, 5, & 6
Sept. 27, 29 7 & 8
Oct. 4, 6 9.1-9.3
Oct. 11, 13 9.4-9.6
Oct. 18, 20 Slack and Mid-term
Oct. 25, 27 10.1-10.3
Nov. 1, 3 11.1-11.3
Nov. 8, 10 11.3-11.5
Nov. 15, 17 12.1-12.4, 13.1-13.3
Nov. 29, Dec. 1 14.1-14.2*           *These sections added; not on original schedule
Dec. 15, 2 PM Final exam — in our regular class room, WHC Aud


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