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Certain Doubts Posts

I was an occasional contributor to Certain Doubts, a great epistemology weblog, that has now died.  I had links to some of my posts collected here, and on 6/8/19, changed the (dead) links so that they went to each post’s appearance at the Wayback Machine:

6/14/18: Do We Know that We’re not Brains in Vats?: Follow-Up: Polls and Surveys
2/14/11: 1. “It’s 3 o’clock” in linguistics and in philosophy; 2. A “truism”?; 3. An Argument for “hard-ass” semantics
2/5/11: Nico at the Zoo with Zebras 
9/11/10: Advice on Advising Students on whether to Go to Grad School: “Just Don’t Go”?
7/25/10: Still More Insensitivity from DeRose
7/20/10: 1. OSE3; 2. Insensitivity is Back, Baby!; 3. The Amazing Prophetic Powers of the Young Bill Lycan
6/8/10: The Virtues of WYSIWYG: In (Comparative) Defense of “Stupid and Inefficient” Word Processors
8/9/08: Fragility and Confidence
7/29/08: The Case for Contextualism: Book and Chapter Summaries
7/7/08: Modifying the Barn Case
12/22/07: Informed Surveys: Some Thought about how to Gather Information about, Evaluate, and Rank Philosophy Programs
11/26/06: Some Thoughts on How to Choose a Graduate Program
5/11/06: Against the “For an F” Myth: Drafts of Papers on Gradable Adjectives.
“Tall” Tales
3/21/06: A Guide to My Contextualism Papers
10/23/05: Characterizing a Fogbank: What Is Postmodernism and Why Do I Take Such a Dim View of It?
5/9/05: Late 20th Century Nonsense Police
10/6/04: Lotteries without Division?
7/30/04: What the Contextualist REALLY Says about Disputes
6/29/04: Failures of Single-Premise Closure? The “Just Barely” Problem
6/24/04: Polls Show that the Skeptic Is Right

A post not by me, but recently found on the Wayback Machine, that had an interesting discussion in the comments:
8/22/06: Ralph Wedgwood: “Everybody Knew that the Earth Was Flat”.


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