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The Problem of Evil

Phil. 450/650 / EP&E 478: The Problem of Evil

Miroslav Volf
Keith DeRose

Fall 2021
Tuesdays, 1:30-3:20, room TBA
KDR office hour:
Thursdays (on which classes meet) 10:30-11:30,
410 Connecticut Hall (up the North stairway of the building)
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  • Syllabus (updated, 9/4/21): pdf .
  • “Might God Have Reasons for Not Preventing Evils?”: pdf .
  • Horrific Suffering, Divine Hiddenness, and Hell: The Place of Freedom in a World Governed by God, partial draft of July 2021: pdf .
  • Chapter 3, sect. 8, pp. 53-55, of MMA, Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God: pdf .
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