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Phil. 450/650 / EP&E 478: Seminar: Problem of Evil, Spring 2020

Prof. Keith DeRose
Tuesdays 3:30-5:20, PH 312


Syllabus 1/13/20: pdf .

“Might God Have Reasons for not Preventing Evils” (please read if possible before first meeting): pdf .

Completed parts of Horrific Suffering, Divine Hiddenness, and Hell: The Place of Freedom in a World Governed by God, partial draft of 1/8/20: pdf .

handout (terms) 1/14: pdf .

Notice, 1/15: Since the numbers signed up for the seminar are now low enough that expected continued attrition should bring us down to an acceptable size for a seminar, all students from whom I have a card from yesterday’s meeting are admitted to the class. –KDR


Alex Pruss: Traditional Commitments about Hell 3/16/11

KDR, public Facebook note: N.T. Wright, Kingdom Come Christianity, and the Focus Problem.

“Suffering and Evil,” Chapter 14 of Alvin Plantinga, Warranted Christian Belief: pdf .

Peter van Inwagen, The Problem of Evil, Chapters 4-5: pdf .

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